Trump Trolls Iran With One Of His BEST Tweets Yet!

Written by Wes Walker on September 2, 2019

Trump does some of his best work when he’s trolling. And with this particular enemy, hitting them in their ego hits an especially weak spot.

Iran sees itself as a genuine rival to America and the West. They also are actively seeking the ultimate destruction of Israel, insofar as they are funding the proxy groups that do the dirty work in lobbing rockets and missiles over the border. (They’re now firing anti-tank missiles into Israel.)

Trump hit them hard when he ripped up the deal and slapped on sanctions.

And in that part of the world, your public image is a VERY important aspect of daily life. Iran has been trying to make a show of how tough they are by first taking out an American Drone, and then by threatening the tanker traffic in the Straits of Hormuz and seizing a couple of ships.

If they were trying to goad us into war so they could rally others in some kind of ‘All Muslims versus the West’ conflict, they failed. If they were trying to punish the West by choking off oil traffic, they failed there, too.

Instead, we hit them with a cyber strike in response. It was non-lethal, but achieved its intended result:

The United States attacked and disabled a critical Iranian data base used to target oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, the New York Times reported Wednesday, citing several US security officials.

The cyber strike on the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence group diminished Iran’s ability to conduct covert attacks, the report quoted a senior official as saying.
Source: TimesOfIsrael

They flaunted regulations and standards by boasting about how they were moving forward toward becoming a nuclear power. They started testing missiles.

But something went wrong in their testing. And Trump was there to make sure that ALL the world noticed.

In a world where Iran is desperate to seem powerful, competent, and the monster lurking under the bed, they’re really not as powerful as they pretend to be. They can’t even give their own citizens adequate water supply.

How to you really hit a country like Iran where it hurts? You embarrass them… publicly.

You make them look like amateur hour.

You broadcast their failures… especially the important ones, like this.

Why was it a solid troll?

Because one of the highest-profile Twitter accounts in the world just brought everyone’s attention to a serious failure of Iran’s bellicose plans to threaten their neighbors.

Because Trump made it clear that we know exactly what it is they are up to.

And because it will keep them guessing whether he meant it when he said that America was not in any way involved in this failure. It wasn’t so long ago, after all, that Trump ordered that cyber strike.

Trump is consistently taking a position of Strength against Iran… economically, militarily, digitally, and now, it seems, even rhetorically on social media.

It’s hard for Iran to be the badass rebel when the world just laughed at them for getting caught with their pants down. It cost them prestige and it cost them respect in a part of the world where such things really make a difference.

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