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VIDEO: Barney Frank Says Trump Withholding Aid To Ukraine Makes Him An ACCESSORY To MURDER

This former Congressman is making some pretty weird arguments for impeachment.

Trump Derangement Syndrome™ is a helluva thing. One of the most distinct symptoms is the sudden need to escalate anything that President Trump does or says into a severe breach of norms and liken it to criminality. For these folks, the Outrage dial is stuck at 11 and so is the Impeachment dial.

On Bill Maher’s show on Friday, Barney Frank, former Democrat Congressman, compared the phone call between Trump and the President of Ukraine to an armed robbery and said that President Trump was an “accessory to murder” for halting aid to Ukraine.

Is it just that Frank doesn’t remember that it was in 2014 that Russia Ukraine conflict began? There was someone else who was president when Russia forcibly took Crimea and bombed Ukraine, and it was that guy that refused to send lethal aid.

Frankly, it’s been President Trump that has assisted Ukraine by providing weapons, which was mentioned in the phone call.

But, to Frank, President Trump is the perpetual bad guy, and so must be vilified.

From the video:

BARNEY FRANK:  What he has done — let me put it this way. Some of the stuff that they were talking about impeaching him for before, trying to cover up, that he paid to cover up his sex with Stormy Daniels, or being rude to James Comey, which almost everybody wants to be. I always got the feeling it was like trying Al Capone for tax evasion.

But now we’ve got him for extortion and being an accessory, I believe, to murder. I mean, let’s be clear. Murder by the Russians of Ukrainians. We forget what the context is. The Russians, his friend Putin, are invading a peaceful, democratic country. Congress voted to give weapons to that country to defend itself against an attack. He was withholding those until he got threatened even by Lindsey Graham, that was too much even for him. But what he was saying basically to, uh — he was delaying the self-defense weapons that Ukraine needed.


CNN decided to “fact check” the claim that President Trump made about Obama only sending “pillows and sheets” to Ukraine during his press conference with President Zelensky.

While President Trump was incorrect in his claim, as there was indeed some funding for “medical equipment, night vision gear, and counter-artillery radar,” and not just “pillows and sheets,”  what was not included was lethal aid. Where did President Trump get the idea that it was just linens? From his very good buddy, Senator John McCain. (Oh, wait. That was the guy who sabotaged the Obamacare repeal after running on that issue and insisted that the President of the United States not attend his funeral.)

Trump appears to be echoing a critique leveled at the Obama administration by the late Republican Sen. John McCain. “The Ukrainians are being slaughtered and we’re sending blankets and meals,” McCain said in 2015. “Blankets don’t do well against Russian tanks.”

While it never provided lethal aid, many of the items that the Obama administration did provide were seen as critical to Ukraine’s military. Part of the $250 million assistance package that the Trump administration announced (then froze and later unfroze) included many of the same items that were provided under Obama, including medical equipment, night vision gear and counter-artillery radar.

The Trump administration did approve the provision of arms to Ukraine, including sniper rifles, rocket launchers and Javelin anti-tank missiles, something long sought by Kiev.

Source: CNN

So, Barney, when Obama only supplied humanitarian and not any aid for weapons, does that make him an accessory to murder, or nah?

Asking for a friend.

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