VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg BLASTS Stars Of ‘Will & Grace’ For Calling For A Blacklist Of Hollywood Trump Supporters

Written by K. Walker on September 5, 2019

Kudos where it’s due, and it’s CERTAINLY due here.

What the heck just happened? Whoopi Goldberg gets this exactly right and so does… Joy Behar?!

Two of the leftist harpies on The View coven hearken back to the days when we could disagree with civility.

Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic: Stars of the now-canceled Will & Grace revival, Debra Messing and Eric McCormack, tweeted a request that The Hollywood Reporter publish a “list” of attendees of the upcoming Hollywood Trump re-election fundraiser.

Surprisingly, Joy Behar says that she doesn’t like lists of individuals being made public because it could make them a target of violence. (Of course, she begins by saying that it shouldn’t be called a “blacklist” but a “whitelist” — because, duh, Trump’s racist and only white people support him. Get it? What a stunning and brave joke, Joy. Also, it’s clear that Behar doesn’t know the definition of either “blacklist” or “whitelist.”)

Sunny Hostin then says, “What if those names are already public record?”

Behar responds that it’s fine if someone wants to make an individual decision based on their own research. She says, “that’s her right” for Messing to decide who she will and will not work with. Behar differentiates that individual decision to the compiling and publishing of a list of names.

Hostin pushes back saying that people should be “proud” of their donations to a politician, and they should be fine with their name being made public. “If you’re proud enough to pay the money and donate — I mean, I’m not condoning violence on anyone– but, if you donate, why not?” queries Hostin. Behar interrupts saying about the violence, “But that’s what happens.”

Then, Whoopi jumps in and talks about how horrible blacklists are. She makes a reference to the Hollywood blacklist during the early part of the Cold War when individuals were blocked from employment because of alleged communist ties. She says that people killed themselves because of it and these kinds of lists are simply not a good idea.

She says that it’s wrong for McCormack and Messing to call for a public list because they might be on the next list.

Whoopi says that one of the “great rights” of this country is that you can vote for who they want to. We don’t go after them for it.

She was ABSOLUTELY correct.


That was fantastic!

The leftist harridans on The View don’t get things right very often, but they got this SPOT ON.

We need more of this from both sides.

Unfortunately, these days it is largely the left that is exerting its influence in Academia, Big Tech, Hollywood, and the Media(D) to conform to their worldview or be banished into the outer darkness where there is much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. It’s wrong when either side does this.

The divisiveness of making everything political and then vilifying political “enemies” isn’t helping anyone. We should be able to disagree with policies without broad-stroke labeling people as evil or bigots for having a differing political view.

When we hearken back to basic principle of freedom, honoring the secret ballot, and calling for civility, we’re on the same page.

That’s what this Grand Experiment of America is all about!

McCormack and Messing have said that their call for a “list of names” isn’t a call for a blacklist

…except that’s precisely what it was.

Not admitting it is being disingenuous at best. 

But Messing and McCormack have shown who they are — people that are willing to doxx, blacklist, and refuse to work with individuals based on their politics. That’s petty and vile.

We shouldn’t be aiming for dividing the country further into polarized left vs. right political enclaves.

The problem is that we need to engage with each other more and at a deeper level on the issues, not just in the 240-character Twitterverse. At the same time, we should be able to live side-by-side and not be screeching that the other side is evil.

But hey, what do I know? I’m a conservative and obviously that means I’m a bigot, right?


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