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Viral Video: Florida Man Proposes Some Hilarious Ways To ‘Stop’ Hurricanes

(Spoiler: they involve the Navy and the Air Force)

With Hurricane Dorian inching toward shore, one Floridian offered some… unorthodox … ideas on how Americans could prepare for and respond to monster storms like Dorian.

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This man shows why that is true.

He understands that the warm water energizes monster storms. He understands that water and wind are involved. And he (obviously) has great faith in the abilities of the American armed services.

But we suspect he hasn’t QUITE thought his ideas all the way through. Of course, now that his ideas have gone viral, we’re sure many people have offered points of clarification on where he may not have *entirely* understood what the hell he’s talking about.


We.. what, now?

Ohhhh, OK… we’ve just gotta get the winds turning the OTHER way.

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