WATCH: Rashida Tlaib In Congressional Hearings Has Hilariously WEIRD Ideas About Science

Written by Wes Walker on September 25, 2019

Hey Dems — YOU were the ones who picked ‘The Squad’ as the face of your party. How’s that working out for you so far?

In case you — like her fellow Democrats — don’t consider her antisemitism disqualifying, take a look at how she conducts herself in a Congressional hearing on the topic of … smoking and e-cigarettes.

How weird could it POSSIBLY get, right?

You might be surprised.

First, Rashida regaled us all with a story about her talking to second-and-third grade schoolchildren, a weird story where the transition point where the conversation with children ends and her addressing of the witness on the stand begins is not entirely clear.

See if you can spot the transition point, because we’re not entirely sure ourselves.

Rashida was explaining to these schoolkids how she told them that public smoking used to be a common thing…

‘even though scientists, people were saying secondhand smoke was worse — was worse — than directly smoking cigarettes. And even though health experts and others were coming forward, you had big industry and corporate greed misleading information to the public what the real outcome, real impact was on health, and so it’s so important that you all continue to speak truth about this because the longterm effects is very dangerous espeically because they have been targeted towards youth, and you know, Miss Porter… ‘

These two videos are sequential. The first has Rashida stating the words above…

The second one, picking up right where the first leaves off, includes a bizarre and unprovoked attack on the witness.

The only thing missing is Rashida’s tinfoil hat.

She literally throws out the word conspiracy a couple of times for not obvious reason. The most sensible explanation is taken from Rashida’s reference to the witness describing herself as a ‘converted conservative’ and a ‘reformed Marxist’ in her bio (it seems as though she can barely bring herself to say the words without choking on them) before asking ‘are you a conspiracy theorist‘.

[Before this conversation is over, we get a chance to see exactly who the real ‘conspiracy theorist’ is.]

And having seen the witness wink at the friend who had introduced her to the House, Rashida rushed to some loopy and unfounded conclusions.

Tlaib: Oh, Ok. I understand. I didn’t know what the winking was. I thought maybe there was something — like a conspiracy… thing going on there. I didn’t know.

Porter: You think there’s a conspiracy in this hearing Ma’am?

Tlaib: Nooo, no. I actually think people are seeking truth here and you can provide information…

Porter: May I address the truth?

Tlaib: Well, the truth to you is very different for the majority of people in this room who do believe that children are being targeted…

Porter: The truth for me is I quit smoking cigarettes, and so did 8 million other…

Tlaib: You’re still smoking, Ma’am. You’re still smoking.

Porter: I’m not smoking. And I’m not lying under oath.

Does Rashida even KNOW the purpose of a Congressional Hearing? Isn’t the whole point of them to receive the information presented by a witness so that they (the legislators) will be well able to make an informed decision on public policy when called upon to do so?

Evidently, she and the squad seem to think it’s primarily about showboating and browbeating anyone they disagree with.

And Pelosi has done nothing to reign that in… anywhere in the House.


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