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WATCH: Speaker Pelosi Said That She Thinks RUSSIA Colluded With UKRAINE And Trump — Is She NUTS?

Forget the fact that Mueller found exactly zero evidence supporting Russian cooperation with ANY American to tamper with US elections, Pelosi’s still spitting the same old lie.

The ‘Favor’ Trump was looking into was DIRECTLY connected to getting answers about Russian collusion in our election, as relates to Crowdstrike, one day AFTER the Mueller Report was closed, and Trump was now free to do so without interfering in an ongoing investigation.

Anyone reading the whole transcript will see that America was doing a more consistent job of maintaining punitive sanctions against Russia than some key European counterparts. But Nancy STILL wants her low-information followers to believe the Putin Puppet lie.

And now that same old lie has been given shiny new wrapping paper.

Ukrainian Collusion.

What we have here is full-blown Collusion Inception.

Watch the full video here (relevant comments are at the 17-minute mark):

Rush Limbaugh took time in his third hour on Friday to give this nonsense the horse-whipping it deserves:

“He’s clearly hiding it. That’s a political move. The president’s ashamed. It’s the same as confessing that he’s guilty. We must move forward with impeachment.” There’s no confession! Trump has confessed to nothing. Trump hasn’t done anything! Trump has committed no impeachable offense. He has committed no illegal act. They didn’t find a single thing! Yet they lie through their teeth. This sequestering of the transcript of the call into a private, secure area? Let’s call it “the secure enclave” just to be different. Do you know they’ve been doing that for two years?

It’s not tied to this transcript. It has nothing to do with this call. And do you know why transcripts and other records of presidential conversations involving Trump are sent over to the secure enclave? Because they’ve got a leak problem! Because they’ve got some deep state, administrative state traitors in there who were opposed to Trump, who are leaking like sieves, and so they’re sequestering this stuff for the sake of national security!

They’re not hiding it for political reasons! They’re trying to protect it! They’re trying to protect the integrity of presidential conversations and everything that they entail. But here’s Eric Swalwell today lying through his teeth saying, “Trump has confessed.” “The attorney general, Bill Barr, has gone rogue. We must speed up the impeachment process.” There is no whistleblower. There was no legitimate Steele dossier.

The Steele Dossier was a bogus document made for the explicit purpose of destroying a political rival. We remind our readers that it was written by a foreign spy (Steele) and built on Russian (mis)information that was manipulated through a literal conspiracy of motivated political actors to harm a rival political campaign.

This means it’s the only DOCUMENTED evidence of Russian foreign cooperation for the purpose of interfering with the 2016 election results that has had any meaningful impact on our overall results.

All we have is a deep state leaker probably related in some way to John Brennan. The New York Times already outed the guy as a disgruntled CIA person, and the guy simply leaks a bunch of stuff, has his report written with the assistance of staffers on the Democrat side on the House Intelligence Committee, and calls himself a “whistleblower” for the protections that it offers! You watch. Every other future leak of major consequence like this is all of a sudden gonna be called “whistleblower” because of the statutory protections that are granted to whistleblowers.

I can’t emphasize enough that there isn’t anything real about any of this like there wasn’t anything real in Trump-Russia collusion. Let me clarify. There was a lot real in Trump-Russia collusion, but it was all the things committed by Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Obama, McCabe, Strzok Smirk, and that whole cast of characters. That was real. That effort to undermine Trump — to spy on Trump, to get the election result overturned — all of that stuff was real.

The things they were alleging Trump did, none of it happened. They’re still lying about the Mueller report. Democrats are out there saying the Mueller report proves that Trump colluded, 16 different times now. No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t say that at all. The Mueller report concludes that there wasn’t any collusion between Trump and Russia. But the Mueller report was written as a pre-impeachment document anyway. The Mueller report was written to be used as it is.

It was written with all the footnotes and the careful sentence structure to be able to be cited the way the Democrats are citing it. “Robert Mueller found collusion 16 different times!” No, he didn’t. “Well, right there it is: The president probably… The president might have this and that… Somebody here said…” It’s nothing but hearsay. There’s nothing. But the sheer power of the ruling class is what is on display here, and their literal panic and fright over having it all upended.

It’s the same old script, lies, and innuendo in an organized effort to destroy a sitting president.

In focussing on the Biden part of the conversation, what are they NOT talking about? They’re NOT talking about… CROWDSTRIKE.

You know, the company with a lot of Clintonian connections that concluded the Russians had hacked Hillary’s server, but never actually let the FBI look at her computer itself.

Oh, and the evidence upon which they concluded that it was Russian? The comparison to a ‘known’ Russian attack? Crowdstrike had to walk that back because the comparison hit never actually existed.

The ‘Favor’ Trump was looking into was DIRECTLY connected to looking into Russian collusion in our election.

And that is somehow ‘impeachable’.

Think about JUST how messed up that really is.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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