WATCH: Elk Takes NO SH*T From Human Gawkers

Written by Wes Walker on September 28, 2019

Do NOT assume that just because an animal doesn’t eat meat, it can’t do some serious damage.

If anyone in this crowd had that belief, they’ve been thoroughly disabused of it by now.

A bull elk was NOT interested in ‘coexisting’ with a bunch of goofy humans.

We also notice that, sadly, with the woman in deep yogurt there, nobody jumped in to try to help her.

Here are some of the comments:

Not only is the dive to avoid a sword up the ass worth the watch, but check out the dude in the khaki Capri pants scamper away ???? @gnarley_nick_outdoors #elkattack #dumbpeopledoingthings #naturalselection #entertainment #elk #rut #stupidpeople #outdoors #wildlife

I hope you don’t mind if I watch this 1,000 times!!! Bwahahahahaha

Not one dude helped the lady or tried making the elk focus on them ha wtf

Wow…they just stand there and let that bull work that lady over

Living in ‘civilization’ makes it easy to forget just how ‘red in tooth and claw’ our beautiful nature can be.

They can whine and cry about how ‘mean’ hunters are for ‘killing a majestic animal’ but they easily forget that nature is more than willing to return the favor.

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