2016 REMATCH? Trump Tweets That Hillary Should Enter The Race With ONE Condition…

Written by K. Walker on October 9, 2019

Hillary’s doing a lot of trash-talking for such an accomplished loser.

Despite her storied history of losing, she is quite confident that she can take on Trump in 2020, and win. Right. Has she been into the wine again?

Hillary lost in 2016 in spectacular fashion — blaming everyone and his dog for her own failure — despite employing every dirty trick in the book to win.

She paid a British Spy to leverage Russian sources to produce a ‘dossier’ on Trump that was entirely bogus, in order to deep-six him.

She threw Bernie under the bus by cheating in the Democratic debates.

She hijacked the Democrat party’s fundraising apparatus and favored herself at the expense of her party.

And she STILL lost to Trump. It wasn’t her first experience with being a loser.

She ran against another guy in 2008 and lost to him, despite her team unleashing a tactic that few remember is traceable right back to the Clinton team — Obama’s Dubious Birth record.

Then, as Obama marched toward the presidency, a new suggestion emerged: That he was not eligible to serve. (See: Birther debate alive across U.S.)

That theory first emerged in the spring of 2008, as Clinton supporters circulated an anonymous email questioning Obama’s citizenship.

“Barack Obama’s mother was living in Kenya with his Arab-African father late in her pregnancy. She was not allowed to travel by plane then, so Barack Obama was born there and his mother then took him to Hawaii to register his birth,” asserted one chain email that surfaced on the urban legend site Snopes.com in April 2008.
Source: Politico

So if that tactic is ‘racist’, what does that say about the team that executed it?

Ok, that was THEN. What is she saying NOW?

With the Democrat race in general disarray, he’s goading Hillary into throwing her hat in the ring again.

Barry Sanders has had a health scare. Biden’s stumbling out of the gate, making mistakes and the Ukraine scandal is becoming an albatross around his neck while the OTHER frontrunner can’t manage to get her own life story straight to save her life (or even just her campaign).

So the President is baiting Hillary with comments like this one:

Whoops. Did he just remind us all about how she destroyed evidence that was under subpoena? Right in the middle of her lecturing America about what a ‘threat’ Trump is, and how he must be impeached?

Why yes, he did. Isn’t that tragic?

Do your job, you say?

He is. And — just so you know — so are Barr and John Durham. They’re asking questions in places like Ukraine.

We have just one question for you. Knowing your dirty little secrets can’t hide forever…

Because WE’RE McLovin’ it.

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