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Asian Beauty Queen Who Was Stripped Of Her Crown For Supporting Trump Finds Flyers Calling Her A ‘WHITE SUPREMACIST’

It’s not QUITE as stupid as denouncing Jewish people as ‘nazis’… but it’s up there.

Many of our regular readers will remember the name Kathy Zhu. She is the Trump supporter who won a beauty pageant but had it revoked because there were some pro-Trump postings on her social media account.

When told to take them down, she stuck to her guns and refused. It cost her a crown, but she did a great job of landing on her feet, and she’s now in the thick of Federal politics.

Her public stand has made her into a well-known name, and she’s collected some opposition in the process.

The University of Michigan student, a Chinese immigrant and loud booster of President Trump, told her 162,000 Twitter followers Tuesday morning that fliers had been posted around campus branding her a “white supremacist.”

The flier includes a face shot of Zhu wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and making the “OK” sign, which the Anti-Defamation League claims was “falsely” turned into a “hate symbol” by 4chan users two years ago.

“Michigan, we have white supremacists on campus,” the flier reads. “They can be dangerous.” Below the photo of Zhu is an image apparently taken from the “Unite the Right” march at the University of Virginia in 2017.

“This is complete slander and incites violence towards me,” she tweeted. “Being a trump supporter does not make me a white supremacist. I’m also asian if you [social justice warriors] can’t tell.”
Source: CollegeFix

Here are her tweets:

We’ve all seen a well-documented history of Americans in red hats getting attacked in public over less.

Heck, we’ve been out front in reporting them — since the ‘mainstream’ Media(D) hasn’t found any of those stories compelling.

In a country where masked randos (including some college professors!) have increasingly been known to attack citizens for simply exercising their First Amendment rights, in the name of ‘bashing fascism’ and ‘attacking racist nazis’, slandering a young woman as ‘white supremacist’ is a recipe for disaster.


Here’s more about HER, and the standard explanation for calling Trump Racist doesn’t wash:

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Here are just a few reasons why one might think these flyers could be understood as encouragement of someone out there on Team Resistance to physically attack Kathy. The Orange Man Bad brigade is anything but civil.

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