Brawling Bruins: Is This Scrap Between Two Brown Bears The Best Bear Fight Ever?

Written by Wes Walker on October 15, 2019

What’s worse than seeing ONE grumpy bear approaching your campsite? Seeing TWO.

Nature photographer Tero Pylkkänen was camping in a Finnish forest when he noticed a couple of brown bears wander into his backyard.

The photographer watched the bears follow each other for a while until they confronted each other just a little closer to him than most people would find comfortable.

When he threw it up on YouTube, he gave it the title ‘Best bear fight ever!’.

What do you think? Was he biased because he filmed it? Or do you think he might be right?

Would you have guessed that a couple of 800lb bundles of meat and fur could move that quickly?

You’d normally expect to see action like this in an octagon, not on a forest floor. Amirite?


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