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WATCH: LeBron James Weighs In On NBA-China Controversy — It’s Both AWFUL And Incredibly STUPID

LeBron’s silence on Daryl Morey’s Tweet Heard ‘Round The World was deafening. Now, we wish he hadn’t said a word.

Let’s face it, LeBron James isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but surely even he could understand that it shouldn’t be controversial for Daryl Morey to tweet support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, right? Right?!

Apparently not.

When queried by some reporters in a pre-game presser at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, LeBron gave some “thoughtful” answers on the Morey tweet. James said that it was a difficult week for the NBA and that the tweet was “misinformed” because Morey “wasn’t educated on the situation at hand” and didn’t consider the “negative repercussions” of free speech.

I swear I’m not making that up.

Here is the great big, controversial now-deleted tweet by Daryl Morey:

Moret shared the image and didn’t type a damned word, but everyone lost their minds anyway.

The comments that James gave made very little sense, “I don’t want to get in a word or sentence feud with Daryl Morey. But I believe he wasn’t educated on the situation at hand and he spoke. So many people could have been harmed, not only physically or financially, but emotionally and spiritually. Just be careful what we tweet, what we say and what we do. We do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative things that come with that too.”

Here is the video evidence that that statement was actually spoken by a human being named LeBron James:

That’s like some sort of Deep Fake video, right? Even LeBron can’t be that stupid.

Oh, yes, dearies, he can!

Heavens to Murgatroyd! That’s alternate footage of the same statement.

He really did say that!

Now, it seems to me that LeBron is only concerned about the repercussions for the NBA and the market in China and not about the pro-democracy protesters who are railing against injustice and human rights abuses by an authoritarian regime.

Does that mean he’s unwoke? How can he rail against so-called human rights abuses in the United States and not say a damned word about the things that we’re all watching on the news or on social media every day? Or do the people from Hong Kong and the religious and ethnic minorities in China not count when it comes to human rights?

A good journalist would have asked LeBron questions like that.

But wait! There’s more! He says that he only speaks out on things that he is “incredibly knowledgable about” and that he just wasn’t as informed as he should be to comment on the situation.

He’s had a whole week to think it through. Even LeBron’s neurons don’t fire that slow, do they? After this presser, I’m beginning to wonder.

USA Today reports that LeBron was clear that he was discussing the fallout from the tweet and not the content of the tweet itself.

Eh… maybe.

It certainly sounds like he was condemning Morey for expressing his views on Twitter because it could have cost the league — and therefore LeBron himself — something.

James goes on, “I believe he [Morey] was misinformed or not really educated on the situation. If he was, so be it. I have no idea, but that’s my belief. When you say things or do things, you’re doing it and know the things that can be affected by it and the families and individuals that can be affected by it. Sometimes it can be changed as well. Sometimes social media is not a proper way to go about things as well. That’s just my belief.”

So, basically, Morey can just shut the hell up on Twitter because he has ticked off the Chinese government.

Here’s a thought on that sort of attitude:

James later took to Twitter and tried to clarify his bizarre statements, but… it is LeBron, after all.

Do you know who else had a difficult week? The Uyghurs in Xinjiang where the NBA has one of its training camps.

Unfortunately, LeBron’s own words come back to haunt him.

Dude is being thoroughly mocked on Twitter while being praised on China’s monitored social media platform, Weibo.

Of all the insults, this one has got to hurt the most:

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