Can You Name One Person Who’s Made A Bigger Pro-Christian Impact Than Trump And Kanye?

Written by Wes Walker on October 30, 2019

Five short years ago, this question may have been an invitation to a punchline but much has changed between then and 2019.

The first and most obvious one is Kanye’s public conversion to Christianity, the baptism of his family, and the dedication of not just his music, but everything ELSE he is doing to the service of Jesus Christ.

Some cynics were thinking this was just a marketing ploy and were waiting for the plot twist. But he’s serious.

He’s showing a level of public boldness in Christ that has rocked even the likes of Jimmy Kimmel on his heels, despite his long track record of antagonism to all things Christian. Because Kanye isn’t someone standing in the shadows of what’s become a Christian subculture, trying to get secular outsiders to care about Life’s Big Questions, he is a real-deal billionaire Culture Creator that they simply cannot sweep under the rug and ignore.

As an ‘influencer’ he’s too big to throw shade and contempt at because he is still BIGGER than the people who want to dismiss him as irrelevant… and the public knows it.

Kanye even hinted at how he viewed his role in today’s culture when he referenced the Medici family.

In addition, the early Medici resolutely courted favour with the middle and poorer classes in the city, and this determination to be popolani (“plebeian”) endured a long time after them. Finally, all were consumed by a passion for arts and letters and for building. They were more than beneficent and ostentatious patrons of the arts; they were also enlightened and were probably the most magnificent such patrons that the West has ever seen. — Britannica

Kanye is standing in public preaching boldly about the preeminence of Jesus Christ as King above any of the vain things our soul-sick culture would elevate above him, when so many professional preachers would walk onto those same TV interviews like a condemned man approaching the gallows, afraid for his very life that he will say the wrong thing.

It’s hard to believe I’m even writing this, but Kanye is exactly the kick in the ass Christians need right now.

Ok sure, you might say, Kanye had his Damascus Road experience, but Trump? Seriously? C’mon.

The question was NOT who had a more perfect or consistent example of a disciplined and orderly Christian life. For that, we might look to examples like the female aid worker, Kayla Mueller, who was captured, tortured and raped by al-Baghdadi. She was tortured and told to renounce her faith, but she did not. Instead, she courageously proclaimed it to some of the worst men walking the planet. She was the one they reportedly named the al-Baghdadi raid after.

American hostage Kayla Mueller was tortured, verbally abused, forced into slave labor for ISIS commanders in Syria and raped by the group’s top leader, but her fellow hostages say she never surrendered hope, she selflessly put the welfare of fellow captives above her own and she even stood up to executioner “Jihadi John” to defend her Christian faith. — Source: ABC

No, the question was ‘bigger pro-Christian impact’.

And if you look at his policies, as unlikely as this billionaire playboy TV star, with his checkered past would be — he’s definitely moving the needle, in ways that we would never expect, culturally.

It goes anywhere from the simple and straightforward things like reversing the ‘war on Christmas’ language in the public square, to elevating the Constitutional religious rights of citizens that had been eroded by the conflicting religious rights of same-sex and Obamacare provisions.

His Supreme Court and other judicial picks have been of the Constructionist flavor with an interest in upholding the Constitution rather than legislating from the Bench as activists. That is good news for the faithful.

But most interestingly, he has used his position to push for greater religious freedom INTERNATIONALLY, including in countries where it is illegal to worship anyone BUT the state-sanctioned religion.

As Bizzaro-world as the question is, is there anyone you could name right now, making a bigger cultural difference in the defense of Christianity than these two admittedly-unlikely champions?

And if you have to dig deep into history, pull out someone who’s already kicking back in Heaven, or look beyond our own culture to answer the question you’ve already proven the point.

And for the cherry on top, there is a brand new hat available in which these two worlds collide. What do you get when cross a MAGA hat with Kanye’s newfound Christian boldness? You get one of THESE:


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