Christianity & Liberalism DON’T Mix

Written by Doug Giles on October 30, 2019

Think you can pull that lever for the Militant Left without paying a price? Guess again!

With the talking heads on the news telling us that doe-eyed socialists are the compassionate ones and anyone NOT to the Left of Lenin is *literally* the spawn of Hitler, is it really such a bad thing if a disciple of Christ taps out and kisses that secular ring on Election Day?

It won’t be without consequences, Sparky.

For all their talk about ‘tolerance’, you and the Faith Which Was Once Delivered For All The Saints have exactly ZERO place in their grand vision of the future.

What does that look like?

Give yourself two minutes of listening time and I can paint you a picture.

If, on the other hand you still LOVE your liberties, and don’t want the Secular Left running roughshod over the American Experiment that Founding Fathers left us as our birthright, you can join the fight.

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