CJ Pearson BLASTS The Race-Baiters Mocking Man Who Hugged His Brother’s Killer In Court (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on October 4, 2019

It’s the sort of moment so poignant and rare that it gets burned into the public memory. An act of forgiveness and grace to the woman that mistakenly shot his brother dead. But some twisted souls are cheapening it.

Botham Jean’s brother, Brandt, stood as an example to all of us what offering an olive branch of peace can really look like.

But some jackasses are using it as an opportunity to throw darts at the brother for not being a vicious d-bag to the white cop who had made an error of judgment that shattered lives on both sides of the equation.

Brandt’s powerful ‘witness impact’ testimony and CJ Pearson’s flame-broiling of the petty little trolls who are dumping on him are exactly the sorts of virtuous young men that America could use another 10,000 of… particularly in neighborhoods where strong male role models are few and far between.

Brandt Jean, the 18-year-old who hugged Amber Guyger, the woman convicted of killing his brother, in court spoke out for the first time about the moment that shocked the nation and spurred a national conversation on forgiveness.

“This is what you have to do to set yourself free,” Jean said in an exclusive interview Friday on “Good Morning America.” “I didn’t really plan on living the rest of my life hating this woman.”

“I know that there’s something called peace of mind and that’s the type of stuff you need to do to have peace of mind,” he said. “That is why I wake up happy in the morning. That is why I want to live happy later on in my life.”
Source: ABC

The haters are going to hate. That’s who they are.

But the rest of us don’t have to join them.

See the video of his dramatic courtroom moment here: WATCH: Botham Jean’s Brother Gives EMOTIONAL And GRACE-FILLED Victim Impact Statement

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