WATCH: Moose Gets Stuck In An In-Ground Pool — Here’s How They Got Him Out

Written by Wes Walker on October 5, 2019

Here’s a question for you — if an 800 lb bull moose gets stuck in your pool — how do you get remove him without having him turn on you?

Imagine stepping in your backyard on a nice day to enjoy a dip in your backyard pool, only to find it’s already occupied by a very large and frustrated moose.

The pool had no stairs and the moose was stuck in their pool overnight.

Now what? Now you’ve got to remove him.

Preferably, without him kicking or goring the absolute hell out of you with his dangerous legs and antlers.

Here’s what they did:

Thanks to some quick thinking by members of New Hampshire Fish and Game saw the beast out of the pool the following morning.

Having dropped wooden stairs into the pool and stringing a rope behind the moose to urge it to move towards the steps, they were eventually able to coax the young bull out of the water.

The bull quickly moves out of the area, making a bolt for the nearby hedges to use as cover.

Colonel Kevin Jordan with New Hampshire Fish and Game said: ‘I can’t imagine hearing a splash and going to the sliding glass doors and looking out there and seeing a 1,200-pound moose or 800-pound moose in my pool.’

‘Moose are in their rut season now. They’re looking for mates. The younger moose will wander long distances struggling to find a female,’ Jordan said. ‘I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we see him again somewhere.’
Source: DailyMail


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