Clash Poll: Who Is The REAL Dishonorable Republican — Trump or Romney?

Written by Wes Walker on October 15, 2019

There are two possible explanations Republicans give for being anti-Trump activists… and they can’t BOTH be true. Are they heroes or weasels?

To hear those who oppose Trump tell the story, they are heroes in a lost cause, bravely standing in the defense of principles that are being attacked and corrupted from the inside by a hostile outsider and his supporters that came in and hijacked a Grand Old Party, turning it into something loathsome.

They claim they would gladly suffer short-term political losses if it means preserving the shell of what had been.

That’s how they would portray themselves as the hero in their own story, justifying what would be considered cutthroat, contemptible or cowardly betrayals of trust in all ordinary circumstances. Every defense that such weasels offer for otherwise indefensible behavior will invariably begin with some version of the phrase ‘but Trump’.

And that would be the other way to view them. They can’t BOTH be right. Are they heroes or weasels?

Trump gets roundly abused as some kind of a horrible, contemptible person. But the evidence presented against him is always rather sparse and tends to be focused not on his actual policies, appointments, or objectives, but rather his style.

When they drag up his history as a womanizer, the allegations against him (even if the are true) date back to when he was a significantly younger man.

They call Trump a corrupting influence on Democracy — but you will notice he is much more conscious about working within the boundaries of his Article II powers than his predecessor. If anything, you will recall how he was criticized by Chuck and Nancy for his unwillingness to use a ‘pen and a phone’ approach to the unconstitutional DACA issue. Even when it was THEY who needed to propose legislation to fix immigration.

They suggest he has somehow brought harm on the Conservative movement, even though his policies have done the opposite.

According to a Heritage Foundation metric, as of 2018, he was outpacing Reagan on promoting a Conservative agenda:

A new report from the Heritage Foundation shows President Trump has successfully advanced 64 percent of his agenda, faster than President Ronald Reagan’s pace at the same point.

How did they determine that?

The Heritage Foundation developed 334 “unique policy recommendations” for the Trump administration and to date, the Trump administration has implemented nearly two-thirds. At the same point in Reagan’s presidency, only 49 percent of Heritage’s specific policy proposals were advanced. Those ideas were called the “Mandate for Leadership”, and Reagan famously presented the book of recommendations to his Cabinet.
Source: Washington Times

By another metric, he was doing even MORE for conservative principles.

Mat Staver, president of the legal advocacy organization Liberty Counsel, said Trump has fulfilled about 90% of the goals on a list that Staver and other conservative leaders compiled.

“In the first two years of his administration, he’s achieved more than all of the presidents combined since Ronald Reagan,” Staver said. “He’s been the most pro-religious freedom and pro-life president in modern history.”
Source: KOIN News

But none of that is stopping Romney from leading a rebellion against Trump. You could call it a ‘coup’ if you prefer.

Ask yourself whether this sounds like someone interested in hearing the evidence for and against and deciding accordingly, or if he has a burning hatred for the man in the White House and an ardent desire to remove him by any means necessary.

Romney has also told people that, as an unsuccessful two-time presidential candidate, he’s the wrong person to take on Trump. Instead, a Romney adviser told me, Romney believes he has more potential power as a senator who will decide Trump’s fate in an impeachment trial. “He could have tremendous influence in the impeachment process as the lone voice of conscience in the Republican caucus,” the adviser said. In recent days, Romney has been reaching out privately to key players in the Republican resistance, according to a person briefed on the conversations. “Romney is the one guy who could bring along Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Ben Sasse. Romney is the pressure point in the impeachment process. That’s why the things he’s saying are freaking Republicans out.” (Romney, through a spokesperson, declined to comment.)
Source: VanityFair

If you call that an impartial statement, you probably take Schiff at face value, too.

Maybe Mittens has forgotten that the media will only love him so long as his betrayal gives them something they want. As soon as he’s once again useless, they’ll toss him out like an old binder full of women. He’ll be dropped like a dog off the roof of a car.

Is Mitt (and by extension, any other renegade Republicans) motivated by principles?

It’s hard to see how Mitt could be motivated by principles. He openly hated Donald Trump, except when he came cap-in-hand looking for a plumb cabinet appointment. Failing to achieve that personal gain, he went right back to denouncing Trump. Well, after accepting the President’s support for his Senate run. But on his first day as Senator, he went straight to WaPo to publicly blast the President. Such ‘principles’.

That puts him in the same category as Flake and McCain. It was one of McCain’s own staff, you will remember, who suggested the idea of using the IRS to attack the Tea Party movement in an election year. That just happened to be the year Romney was running for President.

This is the ‘Principled’ Romney that has dug deeper and invoked stronger language to denounce Trump (whose record thus far we have recapped) than he could ever muster against Barack Obama… or even Antifa.


Whose side are you really on?

Does he really hope to be beloved by the same media that got busted in the latest Project Veritas videos? Where, exactly does he think a billionaire Morman will fit into their world?

In claiming to have upheld values, have you not, in fact, abandoned them?

Let’s bring the Bible into it. You’ve sided with Schiff and company, assuming that Trump is guilty of — whatever the latest accusation is that you are assuming he’s guilty of. What does scripture say about accusations?

In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines. — Proverbs 18:17

It kinda looks like you shouldn’t pre-judge a case if it’s your job to judge it, doesn’t it?

Then again, what you would present to us as your independence and moral virtue looks an awful lot like the sin of Envy.

And if envy is the real motivator of this opposition, there is no way to dress it up in moral clothing. You are pissed off that THAT guy got what you couldn’t. That guy who you think you are so much better than did — and got! — what you could not win.

Isn’t it obvious that same indignant road is where Cain went with Abel? But instead of whacking your brother with a rock, you’re whacking an elected official from your own party with the blunt instrument impeachment.

Maybe Romney should look at the Mueller Report’s failures to deliver on those ‘obvious’ crimes and the dirty constitution-ignoring co-conspirators driving it, or the latest round of Project Veritas tapes, and the NYTimes Editorial leaking for a sense of which side of this impeachment process is truly the one interested in morality of any sort.

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