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ENTITLED, MUCH? Mayor De Blasio Commands Cops To Chauffeur His Kids To/From Yale

In case there weren’t already enough reasons to dislike de Blasio, here is another one: the same police that are forbidden to cooperate with ICE in the removal of lawbreaking illegal aliens are also commanded to play chauffeur for the mayor’s kids.

Imagine for a moment what the Media(D) would say if a story about a Republican mayor leaked, about him using city resources to ferry his kids to and from an Ivy League college.

Imagine the justified cries of ‘corruption’, and ‘misuse of government resources’ that would inevitably give way to demands for his head on a plate, and perhaps even a criminal investigation.

Now remember the media bias under whose eye Republicans can do nothing righteous, and Democrats can do almost nothing blameworthy.

How outraged do you suppose the usual suspects in the Media(D) will be about this story?

Executive Protection Unit detectives drove Dante de Blasio to or from New Haven, Conn., at least seven or eight times, the sources with direct knowledge said. Members of the detail also took Dante to visit his uncle, who lives nearby, sources said. Dante faced no security risks at the time, the sources said.

“If the commanding officer of the 75 (precinct) said, ‘move my kid to college,’ do you really think that wouldn’t kill his career? But because it’s the mayor, everyone just does it,” a former member of the detail said.

The revelation comes four months after The News exclusively reported that members of the unit moved de Blasio’s daughter, Chiara, out of an apartment in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Sources said Dante — who the mayor hired as a paid policy analyst for his failed presidential campaign — only made the 75-mile trip to Yale with cops during his first year at the Ivy League university.
Source: NYDailyNews

After his first year, Dante was no longer picked up at Yale. He took the train, and was picked up at Penn Station.

Another former member of the unit described the trips as “a courtesy” that were not questioned.

“There was no justification,” the former member said. “If you were told to bring him home from Yale, that’s what we did.”
Source: NYDailyNews

De Blasio has contested this allegation — sort of. He isn’t denying that the police drove Dante, he is denying his own role in WHY they did so.

Mayor de Blasio insisted Monday that cops decided on their own to drive his son back-and-forth to college in New Haven.

“I never ordered anyone to do anything,” de Blasio told NY1′s Errol Louis as he denied a front-page Daily News report.

Sources told The News that de Blasio ordered his NYPD security detail to drive his son Dante back and forth from Yale University during his first years at school. The city Department of Investigation is probing the matter.

“I think that story is just unfair and inaccurate in so many ways,” de Blasio said.
Source: NYDailyNews

We await with interest the forthcoming breathless reports of the SDNY pledging to take this abuse as seriously as their never-ending attempts at kickstarting criminal investigations into the President or his inner circle.

Let’s just say we won’t be holding our breath.


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