An American Military Dog Helped Bring Down Baghdadi… Here’s Why That’s A Big Deal

Written by Wes Walker on October 29, 2019

“Like a Dog” carries a couple of different meanings here… and we love them both!

As the dust settles (figurative AND metaphorical) after the raid that killed al-Bagdadi, we can’t help but love and admire the poetic justice of the ignoble end to which he came.

Each and every detail packs its own rhetorical punch.

For us to understand why this is such a big deal, we have to understand a little about the enemy’s mindset.

Because we already understand why ‘died like a dog’ is a solid insult in OUR culture, but we might fully grasp why it’s an even better insult cross-culturally, and salt in the wound when we know the role one of our military dogs played in chasing his scurvy carcass down.

Among jihadis, and the Muslim world more generally, dogs are considered unclean. They are not accepted as pets or companions, and some of the more aggressive adherents take that prohibition VERY seriously: Older Woman Hospitalized, Knee Destroyed (By ‘You-Know-Who’), For Walking ‘Unclean’ Dogs

Also important to remember is their view of fate. If a thing happens — good or bad — it happened because their god MADE SURE it would happen.

This comes together to make al-Baghdadi’s demise particularly embarrassing for team ISIS (or should we start saying was-was?)

This dog played a role in cornering al-Baghdadi like a rat in a cage:

The name isn’t released yet, but we’ll just call this proud pooch ‘Badass’ for now.

Here’s our favorite Muslim Cleric, The Imam Of Peace, mocking ISIS:

He threw in the perfect meme to make it even better:


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