Fake Scandal: Obama Photographer Tweets Rumor About Trump’s Situation Room Photo

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2019

Has anyone else noticed the pattern of running ahead uncritically with Obama-administration propaganda, while looking at Trump’s own officials through a jaundiced eye? It almost looks like a complicity media, doesn’t it?

When news of the miserable demise of a man who led his followers to setting his part of the world on fire, raping, killing and looting his way through the Middle East, displacing literally millions, and selling women and girls into sexual slavery, how did the Left respond.

Was it with a rousing rendition of ‘Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead’, or some equivalent sentiment?

Of course not. That puts the emphasis on Trump keeping his promises. And the Media(D) has been waging an open propaganda war with the President since, oh, roughly November 9, 2016.

When one hoax scandal doesn’t ‘stick’ they move onto the next one. And often as not, you’ll find an Obama administration official right in the thick of it.

The Russian Collusion mess? All of them were Obama-era holdovers. (We look forward to where Durham’s investigation will eventually lead us.)

The Children in Cages hysteria? That was whipped up by an Obama-era official tweeting — can you imagine — an Obama-administration photo of kids in a detention center. And it wasn’t long before the media and other Democrats dutifully took their cue and took that line of attack against Trump.

Now we’ve got an Obama-era photographer starting rumors that the Situation room photo was ‘faked’. That rumor got quickly picked up by Newsweek and a whole bunch of large-platform Democrat voices.

The chief official White House photographer for former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama suggested the Trump administration was posing for Saturday’s stern-faced Situation Room picture in the wake of a U.S. military raid that resulted in the death of a major ISIS figurehead.

Pete Souza, the former director of the White House Photography Office, called the timestamp of the Situation Room picture into question Sunday morning. Souza inferred that it’s very unlikely President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and several top administration officials and generals were actively monitoring the raid on ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s compound when the photograph was taken Saturday in Washington.

…Another Twitter user said it didn’t seem unreasonable that Trump and the generals “were still there 2 hours later waiting for the crew to return to the base,” when the picture was taken. “Sure, it’s possible,” Souza replied.

In response to another now-deleted tweet, Souza continued acknowledging, that at the very least, it is possible the raid was still ongoing when Trump was photographed Saturday. “It’s entirely possible that the raid was still going on at 5:05 p.m. Before drawing definite conclusions about the photo, reporters need to nail down the actual timeline of the raid.”

Daily Kos Trending News Manager Jennifer Hayden remarked that a Trump golf outing tracker showed the president was golfing at 3:33 p.m. Washington time, as the raid was happening.
Source: NewsWeek

Did you bother to corroborate that, Newsweak, or did you just run with it?

Others where quite happy to run with it:

The outrage and smear mob — being far more interested in the demise of Trump than of a despicable war criminal like al-Baghdadi — wasted no time in assuming the worst:

What’s that saying about a lie going halfway around the world before the Truth can put its boots on?

But of course, the media will correct the record, and not let the misinformation float out there, unchallenged, right?

Sure they will… just like they did when Obama’s guy started the ‘children in cages’ frenzy. They nipped that propaganda hit right in the bud, didn’t they?


But anything critical of the Obama administration, or possible wrongdoing on their part is by default ‘discredited’, ‘debunked’ or a ‘conspiracy theory’… at least until it’s irrefutably proven true, anyway.


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