FOOT-IN-MOUTH: The Same Day al-Baghdadi Dies, SNL Run A ‘Make ISIS Great Again’ Skit

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2019

Poor SNL just can’t catch a break, can they? Besides the bad acting and comedic timing, There’s a completely DIFFERENT timing issue on this joke.

At some point the ‘comedic writers’ on the left have mistaken Rage for Humor. And that rage permeates all of their political material. It’s not enough to paint Trump as a caricature of himself — and there would be plenty of material for that — they have to make him out to be the physical embodiment of evil.

And let’s be honest, whatever you might think of him on that front there’s a long list of names in Hollywood and other ‘elitist’ circles that would be well ahead of him in that line-up. And that’s just the DOMESTIC candidates. (Ed Buck, for instance, comes quickly to mind.)

But the idea of Trump as evil incarnate is like catnip to them… they cannot resist.

So when Trump pulled the handful of our troops back so they would not be caught up in the coming clash between Turkey and the Kurds in Syria, they pounced.

They had a skit where an ISIS member show up at a rally and thank him.

By the time that skit aired, Trump had just green-lit an attack on the leader of ISIS.

When whatever Resistance viewers they haven’t alienated with their weak jokes were watching the skit, al-Baghdadi had already blown himself into a fine red mist, and had taken some family members with him.

By time the show aired, our forces were already sifting through their information and setting up follow up strikes, like the one that took out his top henchman less than 24 hours later.

Here’s the skit they thought might be funny enough to air.

It’s enough to make you almost wonder what jokes DON’T make the cut, isn’t it?


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