Rapper Gets PO’d When Fan Won’t Yell ‘F**K Trump’ On Command… Throws Him Out

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2019

Was he trying to DOXX this young guy? Was the fan he was shaming even an adult?

Awww… you’re not such a big man when the fans can think for themselves, Mr. ‘Bigshot’, are you? One rapper got a public lesson in humility… which he promptly failed.

Some rapper called YG got pissy when the fan turned out to have a mind of his own.

He’s not exactly the biggest name in rap, but he’s not an unknown, either.

But it doesn’t take a whole lot of fame before it goes to your head. And with fame goes ego.

One thing someone with a lot of ego does NOT want is to be publicly embarrassed. In the world of rap, your image IS your brand. And if you’re trying to look like a big-shot on stage, and it backfires, there’s a WHOLE lotta bruised ego.

Watch what happens when YG calls a fan to join him on the stage, only to find out the guy he called up isn’t some mindless robot for YG to command at will.

Does he like rap? Obviously. The ‘kid’ seemed pretty jazzed to be called up on stage, right?

But the plan went sideways when YG told him to repeat words he had no intention of repeating.

Shortly before this clip, the rapper had interacted with the fan while he was still in the crowd. Here’s what YG said.

“I spotted you out in the crowd. I asked you if you (f**k) Donald Trump you said you don’t know.”

[Chorus of boos from the audience.]

“So since you don’t know, I need you to make up your mind tonight. I need you to sk– uh… say your name, I want you to state your name ‘cuz I know your mamma, your daddy, your grandmama, your grandfather is watching, I want you to state your name then yell out f**k Donald Trump…

[Fan shakes his head]

“No you won’t? Get his ass outta here. [Shoves fan backward. Utters expletives]

“He a Donald Trump supporter, get his ass outta here.”

Here’s the funny thing about the intolerant left.

We don’t actually know what this fan’s politics are. He might be a Trump fan. He might just as easily be someone who doesn’t give a flying foxfart about politics, and isn’t going to get goaded into saying something just because he’s told to.

Or he might be on the fence — likes some things, doesn’t like others.

Or — and this is how the Left has been alienating their own people — he might actually be sympathetic to some of their politics, but for his own reasons — perhaps stagefright, perhaps an unwillingness to DOXX himself! — did not want to play along with the rapper’s game.

Imagine for a moment the roles were reversed. Imagine a hypothetical scenario with any random white Right-of-center artist singling out a black fan from the audience and publicly ejecting him from a concert over a point of political disagreement.

What would this rapper write about it on social media, do you suppose? That the fan was a hero for not playing along? That the musician was a racist for picking on the black fan?

There would be outrage, outcry, and boycotts.

And THAT is the double standard we’re dealing with.

Coincidentally, that’s the same reason they have such visceral contempt for Kanye turning his back on the ‘woke’ Left.


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