GEN FLYNN: Evidence Is Mounting To Have His Case THROWN OUT — Here’s Why

Written by Wes Walker on October 25, 2019

`We are seeing specific allegations of intentional government malfeasance involving a VERY familiar cast of characters.

Democrats LOVED gloating over General Flynn as ‘proof positive’ of the ‘corruption’ and ‘Russian ties’ within the ranks of the Trump campaign.

Many conservatives never bought it for a minute. We chalked it up to a good man being railroaded by a system looking to take some political scalps.

Now that he’s got himself a new defense lawyer, some pretty serious prosecutorial irregularities have come to light.

Do you happen to see any familiar names here? We sure do!

Because this Twitter personality did such a wonderful job of laying out the case, we’ll let the tweets speak for themselves, and expand the attached photos for ease of reading.

For anyone paying attention… this next detail is HUGE. It might also help explain why Durham’s investigation is now a criminal investigation.

THAT’s a question we have wanted an answer to for the LONGEST time, what with it being a FELONY and all.

There’s more still!

As you read this next piece, remember that everything Flynn went through was because he ‘lied to the FBI’.

And special thanks to ‘Techo Fog’ for walking us through the particulars of why this Flynn case looks so VERY much like it was a set-up from Day One.

CNN hasn’t got a very good track record of picking legal analysts, have they?

Oh well, if Brennan’s lawyer tells him to lay off the TV appearances for awhile, CNN can always give the Mooch a booster seat and get their anti-Trump fix from him.