Generation Snowflake: Middle School Girl Charged With Felony For A Simple Hand Gesture

Written by Wes Walker on October 13, 2019

This poor kid is 13-years old and facing criminal charges over literally nothing.

And what she’s on the hook for is enough to make the poor Pop-tart gun kid look well and truly gangster by comparison.

She actually — can you even bear to hear it? — she actually pointed her finger at somebody. With her thumb up.

Her fingers look like a gun! Quick, call the police! Nobody has ever made such a dangerous gesture ever before!

Oh, wait.

This story may sound like a parody, but it isn’t.

Police arrested the 13-year-old girl on September 18 after investigators say she made a threat at Westridge Middle School with her finger.

Shawnee Mission School District spokesperson David Smith said there was no actual weapon found — it was a finger pointed like a gun.

Overland Park Police say the girl’s actions were confirmed by two other students. A school resource officer with the department made the arrest.
Source: Fox8

When asked if charging the teen with a felony seemed extreme, Howe referenced last year’s school shooting in Florida, which left 17 dead.

“I think law enforcement and schools understand that we need to address bad behavior,” Howe said. “Not be heavy-handed but at the same time, address that bad behavior and prevent it from getting worse.”
Source: Fox8

Wow. We’re so glad that law enforcement is protecting us all from the terrors of finger guns and pew-pew noises.

We can all sleep more soundly now.


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