Here’s A ‘SPECIAL’ Podcast For Christians Who Want Trump IMPEACHED

Written by Wes Walker on October 3, 2019

Shifty Schiff and his gaggle of goons have descended upon DC with their impeachment plot.

They’ve waited a long time to spring a trap on Trump. Dems figured that with the help of a little insider information, they were finally ready to take their shot at taking Trump down.

Here’s our Warriors and Wildmen take on the madness that has descended on DC, and — just as importantly — how Christians have been and should be, reading the plays on the political field of battle. And if you’re buying into the ‘Orange Man Bad’ hype, you’ll want to put on a cup before pressing ‘play’.

This is no time for the faint of heart, Sparky. It’s time to man up and realize the fight has begun, whether we were ready for it or not.

As the episode description puts it, “Rich and Doug are in rare form in this podcast. We dare you to play this at your next bible study. Good luck.”

Buckle up, and let’s get after it!


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