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Sad Day For Beto — First He LIVESTREAMS A Flu Shot, Then Yang Steals His Mojo

How embarrassing is it when the nurse has to tell a ‘grown man’ not to cry?

Because live-streaming his dental work and haircut were so VERY compelling, he showed us what a suck he is during a flu shot.

With the look on his face, you’d think he just spotted the guy who had threatened to beat him up at recess.

It’s just a little prick, Beto. Nothing to be afraid of.

(Readers can insert obvious punchlines here.)

Here’s he is being lame on camera:

Yes, indeed. There’s a man who will be able to inspire the confidence of at least half the nation on election day.

Hey Beto, why are you still hanging around, anyway?

That much is obvious. But you won’t find it on the campaign trail. Have you tried looking in Yang’s campaign?

Maybe he’s seen it.

Aw. That’s gotta hurt.

Waking up to the realization that you’re a sad puppy, and that your so-called friends only liked you because you were a blunt instrument they could use to hit at Ted Cruz.

Oh well, at least you’ve still got an heiress to go home to.

If you can still look her in the eye after this pathetic display at your flu shot, that is.

Do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor, Bobby. Look up the word over-sharing. You do that, and it’s a problem.

Seek help.


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Wes Walker

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