Hey America: Dem Rep PERSONALLY Asked UN To Monitor US Elections… Are You OK With That?

Written by Wes Walker on October 27, 2019

They flip out over cleaning voter rolls and requiring ID, but are happy to invite the United Freaking nations?

Rep. Barbara Lee has bought into the ridiculous assumption that minorities are somehow being refused the right to vote or have their vote counted in our elections.

Maybe she forgot the multiple recounts after 2016 that showed remarkable accuracy in the vote totals. Maybe she’s missed the various Project Veritas exposés on Democrats getting out the vote that doesn’t qualify to vote or the North Dakota Democrat gift baskets to refugees that included voter registration forms.

Maybe she missed the testimony before Congress that Big Tech has the capacity to shift TENS of MILLIONS of votes to Democrats.

She seems to have it worked out in her mind that some kind of a conspiracy (it was those evil white men, most likely) has denied minority voters in the US the right to participate in the electoral process.

She is warning us all of the great evil of the ‘racist’ policies of Voter ID. I guess THIS guy never got the memo:

Who would have guessed that Nelson Mandela would want to disenfranchise black voters?

And Lee’s solution to this problem? Call the UN.

“But aside from the legislative efforts to restore the Voting Rights Act, we have to work at the state and local level in terms of making sure that these Voter ID laws are not passed, making sure that we have — and we’re into this next election cycle right now,” Lee said.

“Monitors, lawyers, people watching the polls all the time, I personally want to ask the U.N. to come in,” she added.

Lee then said “I’ve observed elections all over the world, and I think right now we need election observers from all over the world to come and to monitor and to look at these tactics that you just mentioned so that maybe if we put some sunshine on it, you know, at least we’ll be able to cast our vote until we can get all of these laws changed.”
Source: Federalist Papers

Right, we want the organization that was involved in one of the highest-profile corruption scandals in history — Food For Oil — at its highest levels monitoring OUR election?…

We want the organization that is still dealing with the damage of their ‘Peacekeeping’ forces sexually abusing children in Haiti over a 10-year period, or Congo.

We want an organization that has THIS cast of characters in their UN Human Rights Council…

…overseeing the US election? Thanks but no thanks.

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