Hey CNN: Lawyer Up –Those Project Veritas Vids Have POTUS Fired Up!

Written by Wes Walker on October 19, 2019

Trump’s longstanding war with CNN may be heating up a notch, thanks to the very damning recent whistleblower vids by Project Veritas.

You just KNEW from the moment those videos came out that it would be like catnip for a President who has had ‘journalists’ throw lie after lie about him — even sinking so low as to suggest domestic abuse as an explanation when Melania took her time coming back to the spotlight after having surgery.

He’s finally got evidence of every dirty trick we all instinctively KNEW was going down over there. And with a ‘news agency’ actively using their special Constitutional privileges in trying to maliciously trigger impeachment movement, he has real and legitimate motivation to use any lawful tool in his toolbelt to slap back at this Praetorian Guard Press.

(H/t Mark Levin for the term. Look up how that group abused their unique role to wield unjust political power to see why he tagged them with it.)

The question remained… what steps would he be looking at taking?

A letter he has written, he lays out some specific objections that his legal counsel seems to believe are actionable.

“Recently released video footage of individuals alleged to be your employees…indicates that your reporting relating to President Trump is contrary to your own mission and the aforementioned Code of Ethics,” the letter reads. “Your own employees appear to state that CNN is focused on trying to ‘take down President Trump,’ driven by a ‘personal vendetta’ that Mr. Zucker purportedly has against him, rather than reporting the news in an objective manner.”

…Harder’s letter lists various alleged anti-Trump bias at the network and requests “a substantial payment of damages” as well as other unspecified “appropriate measures.” He alleges that the examples of bias noted in the letter are in violation of the Lanham Act “by constituting misrepresentations to the public, to your advertisers, and to others.”

This law prohibits false advertising and trade infringement.

Media is usually protected by the First Amendment, but the letter alleges that CNN is making false claims that it distributes “fair and balanced” news. It was sent overnight by mail and email Wednesday.
Source: DailyCaller

Here’s a screenshot of the closing paragraphs of the letter.

The lawsuit hasn’t been filed yet — so far as we can tell — but we sure will enjoy watching the sparks fly when it is.


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