HILARIOUS: Pelosi Visits South Carolina, Gets A Very MAGA Welcome! (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on October 5, 2019

Looks like America isn’t buying what Nancy’s slinging about the supposedly urgent need to dump the President, eh?

Nancy Pelosi showed up for an event in South Carolina and received a very personal welcome from a surprising number of Trump fans.

Normally a counter-protest will draw a handful of people, right? Maybe 20 people with an ax to grind. (Especially when it’s the political Right organizing it because we are usually too busy living our lives to muck about with endless political protesting.)

Well, you may notice this is significantly MORE than a ‘handful’ of protesters.

Pelosi may be playing this ‘impeachment card in an attempt to ‘dirty up’ the President and drive support away from him.

The Keep America Great crowd showed up in force, complete with red hats, banners, t-shirts and a great big sign saying ‘Impeach Pelosi’.

There must have been significiantly more than 100 people of all ages there to ‘welcome’ her. How many would you guess were there in this clip?

Is this what driving supporters AWAY from Trump really looks like?

Or is this going to bite her in the @ss in 2020? Will this motivate the American public to give the House back to the adults in the room?


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