HONG KONG: On The 70th Anniversary Of Chinese Communism, A Student Protester Was Shot With A Live Round

Written by Wes Walker on October 1, 2019

The student is reportedly in hospital and remains in critical condition.

The students were defiant in the face of the Communist party. Despite warnings NOT to demonstrate in this 70th Anniversary of China’s descent into Communism.

They absolutely swarmed the streets.

Fifteen people were injured, including one critically, on Tuesday when police in Hong Kong fired a live round at protesters for the first time after months of demonstrations.

At least one person was shot in the chest as protesters marched against the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party taking control in Beijing, The New York Times reports.

Video of a police officer firing at a protester at close range quickly went viral, Reuters notes.

Protesters, who clashed with police across nine districts in Hong Kong, set up fires and barricades and threw firebombs. The incidents came hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized national unity during festivities in Beijing, according to the Times.
Source: The Hill

Here’s the Government’s official explanation of what happened.

And here are some videos of the event:

Communist police beating a student who’s already down:

What more natural way to ‘celebrate’ 70 years of communism than clashing with students and spilling some blood?

If there’s any silver lining, it’s this: at least they haven’t gone the route of Tiananmen Square where British intelligence estimates the streets ran with the blood of 10,000 protesters.

We can whine all we want about the supposed tyranny of Trump, but students halfway around the world — the ones waving our flag and singing our anthem — know the difference.