KANYE’S BIG WEEK: Not Only Did His New Album Drop, But He Handled His Haters Like A BOSS

Written by Wes Walker on October 27, 2019

‘This is a free man talking’.

It’s been a full week for Kanye, his ‘Jesus Is King’ album dropped, and he had a message for the critics who were trying to pigeon-hole him, telling him what to be and do.

Kanye was in an interview talking about his album and life in general.

When asked, he didn’t shy away from the question of the expectations of other people.

His dad was a Black Panther, and his mom was in the sit-ins when she was 8. They were fighting for black people to have the right to their OPINION, NOT for them to vote for whoever white Liberals told them they were supposed to vote for.

He’s found that a lot of White Liberals have strong opinions about what he really needs to think and believe. But Kanye is NOT about being a victim. He looks around and sees a big world of opportunity. ‘This is a free man talking’, as he says:

As great as that one clip is, the longer-form interview is full of surprises where we see a side of Kanye you might never expect.

He even talks about his mental health crisis and the stigma that came with it.

Many of our readers (even those who don’t follow his music) will particularly appreciate the wide smile on his face when he says ‘this is America, this is the Bible belt, this is where you’re free to worship Jesus in the open!’

He’s right about that. It’s a right we take for granted, and some among us even actively oppose it. All you have to do is look around the world at places where you have no such freedoms, and ask yourself if that is the sort of culture you’d really want to live in.

Spoiler: it isn’t.

Freedom is precious, and Kanye appreciates it.

“The most racist thing a person can tell me is that I’m supposed to choose things based on my race.”

And here’s something from the new album that’s dropped.

It’s not the first time that Kanye has ‘zigged’ when culture has ‘zagged’.