NOT A CULT: Dems Use Beloved CHRISTMAS CAROL As Impeachment Anthem (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on October 8, 2019

How does the Coven celebrate a birthday? By rewriting a Christian Christmas Carol and injecting it with gleeful hate.

She’s literally bubbling up with glee at the imagined demise of our President. The song –performed by Mario Cantone — even rises to a crescendo. How lovely.

Oh, hey, why not joyfully blaspheme Christ while you’re at it?

See for yourself:

Here are the ‘revised’ lyrics. (Notice the great big smug grin on her face while they’re singing this.)

Joy to the world, the time has come

Inquire, Indict, Impeach!

Let every heart prepare his doom

He’s broken protocol

But stays above it all

Our POTUS is genius or neanderthal!

He rules the world or so says he

But there’s a great divide

While Scaramooch is turning and Little Schiff is flirting

His sycophants commence with Rudy on defense

And praise him with gold and myrrh and frankincense

Joy to the world, Pelosi stands

McConnell doubles down

The donkeys will unite, the elephants will fight

The House will say let’s go

The Senate will say no

The country will overdose on whistle-blow

He rules the world by tweet and meme

But we’ve got Twitter too

We log on to WiFi

And raise our mobiles high

We tweet impeach for Joy!

We tweet impeach for Joy!

We tweet, we tweet impeach for Joy!
Source: NewsBusters

This is even more loathsome than Rosie’s third-grade level limericks.

Joy is obviously a slow learner. We’ve been down this road before. Or has she already purged it from her memory? Remember when you dopes were super-excited for ‘Mueller Time’?

Yeah, how did THAT work out for you?


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