QUID PRO NO: Trump-Ukraine ‘Collusion’ Debunked By… BUZZFEED?!

Written by K. Walker on October 2, 2019

Whoa! Did left-leaning Buzzfeed News just vindicate President Trump?

It appears that they did.

Of course, they didn’t really mean to.

Unfortunate occurrences like this are sometimes the result of reporting facts.

The main focus of the move to impeach President Trump has been the assertion that there was quid pro quo either explicit or implied during the phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. The claim is that the President withheld military aid from Ukraine in order to have them dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

At least, that’s what “Shifty” Rep. Adam Schiff(D-CA) claimed when he made a clown of himself with his “dramatic reading” of the phone call transcript. 

Ukraine was expecting $250 million from the Pentagon, as well as $141 million from the State Department to assist with their conflict with Russia that has been going on since the 2014 invasion and annexation of Crimea.

In a piece written to suggest that President Trump was withholding millions of dollars in funding for a country rife with corruption in order to help out his best buddy, Vladimir, the article reveals that there wasn’t any quid pro quo at all. (Also, the article doesn’t acknowledge that Trump was also providing snipers, rocket launchers, and anti-tank missiles while the Obama administration refused to send lethal aid. Putin must love that!)

Buzzfeed has learned that Ukraine didn’t even realize that the funding had been held up by Trump until nearly a month after the phone call. 

When Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with President Donald Trump in the now-infamous July 25 phone call, he believed $391 million worth of military aid was already on its way to Kiev, two Ukrainian officials and a US official told BuzzFeed News.

The Ukrainian government didn’t know it was being held up in Washington by Trump, according to the two Ukrainian officials. Nearly a month after the call — which Zelensky has since described as “good” and Trump has called “perfect” — the Ukrainian government was left stumped when they received word that the aid had in fact been suspended.

Source: Buzzfeed

This isn’t the only thing that’s breaking down in the Dem push for impeachment.

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