Resistance Backfire: Here’s The Story Behind All Those Red Shirts At The Trump Rally

Written by Wes Walker on October 11, 2019

What began as a fit of pique by a Trump-hating mayor led to a sea of red shirts worn at a Trump rally.

The mayor in Minneapolis doesn’t like President DJT. Scratch that, he REALLY doesn’t like the President.

It was widely reported how the mayor tried to gouge the Trump team for security costs for his latest rally (without any acknowledgment of the corresponding money taken in by a city through hotel and restaurant revenue when the President and his team roll into town, not to mention the stadium-full of adoring fans who are there to spend money on food, lodging and perhaps other tourism the city has to offer.

But Mayor d-bag also drew a line in the sand for the police.

Minneapolis police officers rankled by a new department policy barring off-duty staff from wearing their uniforms to political events plan to instead swarm President Donald Trump’s rally Thursday with a “sea of red” specialty T-shirts.

The policy change came the day after Trump announced he would host a rally in Minneapolis. The head of the local police union argues the ban was a political move meant to favor the city’s Democratic officials. The police department for its part says the policy is about avoiding the appearance of political bias. — Yahoo

Oh REALLY. One day after a Trump event was planned, they make this policy to ‘avoid’ political bias. Looks a little more like ENFORCING political bias, eh?

So they responded with the most natural American response you could think of. They used their free speech to give a thunderous Eff-You to those who tried to shut them up.

A custom shirt was adopted as a symbol. And cops started wearing it.

Trump heard about it and retweeted it. (That one tweet led to a surge in demand that crashed the site.)

The Trump rally last night was packed with those red shirts.

While the Left is openly hostile to law enforcement, tying their hands, and routinely smearing them as abusive bigots, Trump has their back.

Can you imagine anyone in the Dems’ 2020 clown car making a statement about one of their own to parallel “Cops love Trump and Trump loves cops!” Of course not. They’re too busy throwing around words like ‘systematic racism’ and calling for the abolition of prisons.

The red pro-cop shirts weren’t just behind him, either.

Here is a camera panning the crowd:

Cops love Trump.

Some still shots of the crowd:

Lt. Bob Kroll, Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis president, says he has weighed in during previous policy changes — but not this time. He calls the decision politically motivated.

“It was kept completely secret from us,” Kroll said. “We believe it infringes upon the federation’s rights to have influence in the political process, and let them know where our federation stands and who our federation endorses.”

…And that’s what the union plans to do next Thursday at President Trump’s rally.

“We’re going to be there in full force, in T-shirts, letting people know that off-duty officers do have support for our president,” Kroll said.
Source: CBSLocal

How can you know it’s not just for show? Here’s how:

That’s a helluva lot better than the folks outside that chase down stragglers leaving the rally to rough them up or get arrested for other criminal acts.


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