TRAGIC: Hunter Dies After Being Attacked By The Buck He Had Shot

Written by Wes Walker on October 25, 2019

While doing the right thing, and checking to see that the buck he had dropped was properly dead, he discovered first-hand how dangerous a wounded animal can really be.

There is no reason to believe that Thomas Alexander, 66 failed to do anything he should have done in the tragic events that lead to his untimely demise.

After shooting a buck on a hunting trip in Arkansas, Alexander approached the animal to verify it was dead. It was not.

The buck had indeed been hit, and did indeed have several puncture wounds on its body. But it still had some fight in it, and when Alexander approached it, the buck charged him, wounding him with his antlers.

Alexander was able to contact family members, who called for an ambulance, but he later died at a local hospital.

Officials say that it isn’t clear whether Alexander died of the injuries inflicted by the deer, or a medical emergency like a heart attack.

‘It’s my understanding there’s not going to be an autopsy, so we may never know what actually happened,’ Stephens said.

Stephens said that all hunters are urged to watch a fallen deer for 30 minutes to see whether the animal moves before approaching.
Source: DailyMail

This is not the kind of rule you want to ignore. We have no way of knowing whether Thomas Alexander waited the recommended 30 minutes of observation before approaching the Buck, but whether he did or not, the fact that he was attacked by his quarry reminds us why this practice is put into place in the first place.

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