USOFF: Why Is Islam In The World?

Written by Larry Usoff on October 23, 2019

That is a question that is asked many, many times, all over the world.  My theory, which is as good as any other one, is that you cannot leave the cult under penalty of death.  People that fall into the trap of thinking that Islam is, as claimed, “a religion of peace”, join and then they’re in there for life… their life.  There are other theories, of course, and one goes like this: Islam, which was dreamed up by a pedophile warlord, wrote down the messages he said came from a god-like person.  It isn’t just coincidence that all the things that Islam promotes and condones are things that were popular back in the 600’s.  No other faith, religion, or cult, that I know of, preaches death to everyone that is not a member.  The word that’s used is “infidel” so if you’re not a true believer, you are an infidel and subject to being murdered.

Some people will not believe anything unless they see it with their own eyes…but that’s not likely to happen in the case of Muslims.  However, there are some examples of this “religion of peace” for you to think about.

August of this year, and from Australia, we hear about the MUSLIM SECURITY GUARD at Sydney shopping center gets only 2-½ years for sexually assaulting three-year-old Australian girl.  Mohammad Hassan Al Bayati, 30, touched the young girl’s underwear and exposed himself during the 11 minutes they were in a stairwell — away from surveillance cameras — at DFO Homebush in December 2016.  Speaking to police, the girl told officers Al Bayati “said I have to kiss his bottom but I didn’t want to”.  Responding to a report the girl was unattended and distressed at the centre’s playground, Al Bayati took her by the hand to the stairwell. Eleven minutes later, after receiving sexual gratification, he walked her back to the playground where her seven-year-old sister was crying because she couldn’t find her younger sibling.  The mother, having returned from shopping, was also waiting there and was quickly berated by Al Bayati. “The gall of the offender to lecture the mother about the dangers and risks of leaving her in the play area when HE ended up being the greatest risk is one of the most curious parts in this matter,” Judge Pickering said.  Gall indeed!

How’s this for a headline: California MUSLIM kills his mother, cuts out her heart, then masturbates on her corpse.  The former American High School math teacher was found sliced from her neck down to her cervix and had her underwear around her ankles. She had also been shot at least seven times, an autopsy later found.  Her son, who was collared in Kensington on Sunday, said he committed the vile act because she was killing herself with the prescription painkiller oxycodone, which she had become addicted to after hip and knee problems as well as surgery.

During an argument in her bedroom, he claims she pointed a gun at him. That’s when he grabbed a hammer off the bedroom wall and knocked the gun out of her hand. He said he then left the room, only to return with a tomahawk which he used to bash her head. He then retrieved a revolver from a closet and shot her in the back about four times.  Using a knife, he then sliced open her chest, removed her heart with his hands and then put it back in her body. He then masturbated because “he needed to be with himself and needed a release after the event,” according to the documents.  This happened in 2016, but if you think that something like this is a rarity, you’d be wrong.

And then there’s this…from April 30 of this year, and the headline says: Chicago: Muslim Supremacist Asked About “Killing Non-Muslims” More Than A Year Before He Tried To Set Off 1,000-Pound Bomb in Crowded Bar.  A multiday sentencing hearing began Monday in Chicago and focused on whether FBI agents manipulated a mentally fragile teenager to participate in a terrorist plot or whether he had long before shown an eagerness to kill. The defense is going for “mental illness”. They want the Judge to release him as soon as a mental health treatment plan can be developed for him. The agent said he saw nothing in Adel Daoud’s postings indicating he suffered from mental illness. He said Daoud showed initiative, suggesting to undercover agents that fitting butcher knives to a truck and driving it into a crowd would be a way to kill many people at once.  Daoud  pushed a button on a remote he believed would detonate a 1,000-pound (454-kilogram) bomb outside a crowded Chicago bar.  An FBI agent to the witness stand to tell Adel Daoud’s judge that Daoud posted social media comments inquiring about attacking non-Muslims more than a year before undercover agents ever engaged him as part of a sting.  Just your average nice, quiet, unassuming Muslim, who just happens to be planning a mass murder, eh?

Parting shot: For about 1400 years Islam has been in the world, and no one that is not a true believer, is safe from this murderous cult.  To Islam and its adherents true peace in the world can only come when EVERYONE is a Muslim.

Islam does not tolerate much, and another faith will never be allowed to be existent.

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