Vape Pods, The New Tide Pods? Poison Control Centers Report Rise In Kids Eating E-Cigarette Cartridges

Written by Wes Walker on October 4, 2019

Get ready to long for simpler times when the most dangerous dumb thing kids would do is ingest Tide Pods.

And yes, we KNOW that people could be hospitalized (or worse) from eating Tide Pods, that’s STILL gotta be better than consuming a vape pod, right?

You don’t know the half of it. This time, it isn’t a teenage internet fad.

Looks like weird new breathing diseases aren’t the only health complication having a vape in your house can bring. When we first saw this headline we were getting ready for some sketchy new ‘internet challenge’ sweeping the country.

If only it were that simple and easily addressed.

This time, we’re dealing with a sharp spike in little kids grabbing mom or dad’s vape ‘juice’ and putting it to their mouths, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Dr. Elizabeth Silver, clinical toxicologist with the University of Kansas Health System Poison Control Center, told the news station. “We’ve had kids ingest that and they get pretty bad toxicity from the nicotine because it’s very, very concentrated in those little pods.”

For kids under 12, the National Poison Data System has logged 1,913 reports of exposure so far for 2019. (Numbers have fluctuated in recent years, but we’re already on track to exceed all of the numbers Rolling Stone reported in previous years).

While part of this can be chalked up to young kids sticking pretty well everything in their mouths, the obvious other reason would be the copy-cat behavior after watching family members vape.

Because e-cigarettes are not regulated, Jenssen says, the levels of nicotine vary tremendously by product, with some products containing far more nicotine than actually advertised. But according to one 2018 study in the Journal Pediatrics, as little as 6.5 to 13.0 milligrams of concentrated nicotine per kilogram of body weight could be enough to prove fatal.

If you’re going to vape, keep it away from your little darlings.

But really?

If you’re looking to ‘smoke’ something anyway, why bother with weird processed chemicals when you can have a quality stick, instead?

As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about the toddlers drinking anything nasty because of it.

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