Foul-Mouthed De Niro’s Phone Message Released As He’s Slapped With #MeToo Suit By Employee

Written by Wes Walker on October 4, 2019

And did the arrogant dope actually say ‘how dare you disrespect ME?’ Heh. Good luck in court little Bobby.

De Niro might want to lay off his ‘eff Trump’ tour and focus on preparing his legal defense, instead.

Or — better still — he could look at developing some moral character. (If an old dog like him can learn any new tricks.)

Robert De Niro’s former assistant has sued the actor for $12m (£9.7m), accusing him of “years of gender discrimination and harassment”.

Graham Chase Robinson claimed the Raging Bull star was verbally abusive and subjected her to unwanted physical contact and sexually-charged comments.
Source: BBC

De Niro verbally abusive? Could you even IMAGINE a cultured gentleman like De Niro being accused of such a vile thing?

Her legal documents, which were published by US media on Thursday, said he “concocted false allegations” designed to prevent her from taking action and to destroy her career and reputation.

She started working as the star’s executive assistant in 2008 and said he referred to her as his “assistant” despite two subsequent promotions.

He communicated with her in a “hostile, abusive and intimidating” way, she claims, including making “vulgar, inappropriate and gendered comments” towards her.

Her case said: “He would joke with Ms Robinson about his Viagra prescription. De Niro smirked to Ms Robinson about his young paramour, who was around Ms Robinson’s age.

“De Niro directed Ms Robinson to imagine him on the toilet. He told Ms Robinson that doing manual labour would ‘make a man out of you.’ De Niro suggested that Ms Robinson could get pregnant using sperm from her (married) male co-worker.”
Source: BBC