WaPo Changes al-Baghdadi Headline TWICE… Social Media Goes To Town On Them

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2019

How bad was it? Think ‘Trudeau Eulogy’ bad. Remember the one Prime Minister blackface gave in praise of Fidel Castro. Yeah, THAT.

Washington Post is criticized as being more interested in news that could hurt Trump than the objective telling of events the way journalists supposedly were supposed to all along.

This writer, for one, has a hard time remembering any time where there wasn’t a heavy slant to the left from the ‘official’ organs of the Media(D). And episodes like this one are not helping the perception any.

Wait a minute…

‘austere religious scholar’? The ISIS guy????

Are they on drugs, or do they just REALLY, REALLY hate Trump?

Even Brian Stelter had to say something about it (he focused on the retraction and apology).

Are you sure about that Brian? Because we’re calling BS on that one.

With a ‘mistake’ like that over TWO papers, is it any wonder we strongly suspect these people are all running under someone’s well-coordinated marching orders?

And Twitter spanked WaPo like they did Trudeau over those embarrassing #TrudeauEulogies

The hashtag #WaPoDeathNotices was trending, hilariously. A sampling:

People often forget he was an artist, too:

Some really great puns here:

Surrounded by friends…

‘Shockingly’, eh?

Democracy dies in darkness might not be the best slogan for a paper that gave such a warm obituary for a criminal warlord that literally murdered, raped, and pillaged his way across the region, leaving entire cities in ruins, and selling young women and girls into literal sexual slavery.

How badly does someone have to hate Trump, America or the West, to write an ‘obit’ like  that one?


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