Trump Blocks Chinese Products Made By Forced Muslim Labor While Gutless NBA Kisses China’s Backside

Written by Wes Walker on October 8, 2019

Don’t look now, but Trump is the REAL defender of human rights in this comparison.

To hear the left tell the tale, they are the guardians of both culture and human rights. Everyone and anyone even slightly to the right of Vladimir Lenin is a threat to all that is good and right in the world.

A long list of hateful phrases is routinely thrown out at all conservatives listing our supposed sins against various races as well as other special-interest and minority groups. “Intersectionality” is the trendy catch-all phrase.

The accusation is that the right is driven by greed and the left by compassion.

How well does that theory pan out when tested? Two stories show a very stark contrast.

Yesterday, we reported how one General Manager was thrown under the bus by the entire league when a single tweet in support of the student protesters demanding China their freedoms (‘speaking truth to power’, you might say) endangered a Billion dollar Chinese streaming contract.

In no time flat, the entire league kissed the ring of the almighty Yen, showing just how much they care about the rights of the oppressed.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the supposedly Muslim-hating, dictator-loving Donald Trump has come to the aid of… incarcerated Chinese Muslims.

Oh, and he’s protecting the rights of mistreated migrants, too.

The Trump Administration is blocking shipments from a Chinese company making baby pajamas sold at Costco warehouses, after the foreign manufacturer was accused of forcing ethnic minorities locked in an internment camp to sew clothes against their will.

The government is also blocking rubber gloves sold by industry leader Ansell whose customers include surgeons, mechanics and scientists around the U.S., accusing a Malaysian manufacturer of staffing its factories with migrants from Bangladesh, Nepal and other countries who went into crushing debt from paying exorbitant recruitment fees. Imports of bone charcoal from Brazil that firms like Plymouth Technology and ResinTech Inc. used to remove contaminants in U.S. water systems, diamonds from Zimbabwe and gold from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, were stopped as well.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Oct. 1 slapped rare detention orders on goods imported from an unprecedented five countries in one day based on allegations that people producing those items might be children, or adults subjected to forced labor. The orders are used to hold shipping containers at the U.S. ports of entry until the agency can investigate the claims of wrongdoing.
Source: AP

And just like that, Trump’s administration used their influence to shine a light on an important global human rights issue.

Custom’s action last week is sending ripples globally, with exporters now on notice to improve labor conditions. Domestically, some U.S. importers were shaken to learn their products might have been made by people forced to work against their will or under threat of punishment. Human rights experts warn as many as 25 million people globally are victims of forced labor. In recent years, investigations by media organizations and advocacy groups have track a number of products suspected of being made by forced labor as they travel from manufacturers, through brokers and dealers, into the hands of American consumers.
Source: AP

The left PRETENDS to care about victims — they have a lot to say about ‘victims in cages’, for example — while doing literally NOTHING to improve the lives of those they claim to care about.

Changing the asylum law to disincentivize border-jumpers from entering illegally with their own (or sometimes rented) kids would immediately improve the lives of these children. But it would hurt Democrat political objectives, so they don’t do anything about it.

How about the supposed concern about international forced labor? When was the last time we heard the left talk about this particular social ill?

The social justice peeps have been strangely silent about that topic. And yet Trump found a way to make it a priority. Because, simply put, those lives actually matter.

Beliving that lives matter is actually more than a just slogan. It should drive policy, too. Which, looking at the results Trump has been getting across various demographics, it has been.

Then again, some political organizations and parties are happy with a catchy slogan, and prefer not to ask too many probing questions about how much REAL and LASTING change their ’cause’ is actually providing in the lives of the people they claim to be fighting for.

As we recall, it was a pro-Trump group (‘the Persistence’) that led clean-up efforts in LA and Baltimore… not any of the many self-described social justice advocates. The left was invited to join them, but they only came by to protest the guys cleaning the trash.

What a surprise, eh?


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