White House Letter Tells Pelosi To Pound Sand & Exposes Dems’ Vicious Tyrannical Tendencies

Written by Wes Walker on October 9, 2019

Trump has been indicating that a formal letter was coming. It is now released and it pulls no punches.

He lays out his case for why he thinks the Democrats are the ones who are throwing history and due process out the window in favor of what this editor would compare to a soviet show-trial.

In Soviet Russia, the guilt was assumed, the only thing the accused needed to do was admit to his crimes.

Schiff, Nancy and company have their minds similarly made up, and yet — rather than name the crimes they are so convinced he is guilty of, they are off on a fishing expedition, looking for some crime they can hang around his neck to drum him out of office.

In SOME tellings of the Democrat wet dreams, Trump and Pence are BOTH impeached, and Nancy Pelosi herself is crowned Empress… er, I mean, made President.

Trump is having NONE of it. He’s pushing back — HARD.

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Here are some key excerpts from the document.

Right from the opening, he challenges the inquiry on its most fundamental principles, due process, fairness, and constitutionality.

He jumps straight into the separation of powers issues, the right to cross-examine, call witnesses, and even receive transcripts of testimony in a proceeding given against him that is being held in secret.

They have issued THREATS against executive branch officials seeking to punish them for operating within fundamental rights and prerogatives. He makes the assertion this is both an attempt to reverse the election of 2016… AND it’s an attempt to meddle with the 2020 race, citing the Al Green quote.

Cites unprecedented transparency in releasing a privileged phone call with a foreign head of state, despite Executive Privilege in that area, followed by Schiff’s dishonest and inaccurate ‘parody’ retelling of the phone call as he would have the public perceive it.

He then enumerates his complaints:

They have (deliberately) abandoned any commitment to due process.

He invokes the Supreme Court, reminding them of a ruling that ALL Congressional hearings are to be governed by due process protections that CANNOT be wished away by Congress for any reason or none at all.

He elaborates that point some more before moving to his next one.

Ranking Members have been denied the right to issue subpoenas, despite them possessing such powers in every previous Impeachment inquiries.

Such one-sided subpoena power is not in the spirit of true justice, but of a show trial, or in the language of the letter itself ‘political theatre’.

Committees have threatened Officials exercising legitimate rights.

“As if denying the President basic procedural protections were not enough, the Committees have also resorted to threats and intimidation against potential Executive Branch witnesses. Threats by the Committees against Executive Branch witnesses who assert common and longstanding rights destroy the integrity of the process and brazenly violate fundamental due process. In letters to State Department employees, the Committees have ominously threatened — without any legal basis and before the Committees even issued a subpoena — that “[a]ny failure to appear” in response to a mere letter request for a deposition “shall constitute evidence of obstruction.” Worse, the Committees have broadly threatened that if State Department officials attempt to insist upon the right for the Department to have an agency lawyer present at depositions to protect legitimate Executive Branch confidentiality interests — or apparently if they make any effort to protect those confidentiality interests at all — these officials will have their salaries withheld.

[Bold text not in original]

The final portions of the letter deal with the illegitimacy of the inquiry itself.

There is a section making the case for why this has more to do with undoing 2016 and influencing 2020 than anything relating to upholding justice or the national interest.

They point to the various conflicts evident in Schiff’s handling of the evidence so far (the ‘parody’) together with bad-faith breaches of protocol in his dealings with the (alleged) whistleblower.

Here’s what the letter closes with:

The layman’s paraphrase of that quote goes something like this:

The investigation is bullsh*t. You know it and I know it. If we were so stupid as to participate in this farce, treating it as serious could do real harm to the fundamental structures of government themselves. Go to hell. *flips middle finger*.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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