WATCH: The IG’s FISA Abuse Report Is Imminent… And Did Mueller Lie Under Oath?

Written by Wes Walker on October 9, 2019

If you’re wondering why Democrats are pushing so hard to make something — anything — stick to Trump right now, do NOT rule out the possibility of it being a diversionary smokescreen.

As we may or may not remember, it was not long before the latest circus came to town that we were wondering whether McCabe would be indicted for wrongdoing.

Now that the Press are talking about Ukraine (and — more importantly — throwing suspicion on the actions of Bill Barr) Democrats have switched from DEFENSE to OFFENSE.

Better still, if they can manage to ‘taint’ Bill Barr, they will cast doubt on anything his investigation into any Democrat wrongdoing might dredge up.

Considering how far up the chain this conspiracy is alleged to go, that is some pretty important damage control.

Going full-offense at a time when the Democrats would otherwise be playing defense has some interesting parallels in the Russian collusion debacle. How is it, for example, Manafort (a Trump associate) got sold down the river and wound up sitting in solitary confinement in Rikers while his partner in Ukraine, Tony Podesta (brother of Hillary’s campaign manager) got an immunity deal.

It’s a bold strategy, and it almost looks like someone is deliberately looking to undermine, thwart or otherwise — what’s that word I’m looking for… yes, OBSTRUCT — justice. If they can’t manage THAT, maybe they can at least Clinton their way out of this.

Watch the video and make your own judgment call about what’s really been going on here.

And be sure not to miss the malfeasance that was described as,

“The most dishonorable conduct I have ever witnessed.”