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Why Trump Support Remains Strong

Longtime White House correspondent Sam Donaldson suggested in a CNN interview earlier this week President Donald Trump’s supporters love him because they want a “white Christian country” back. In the interview with Brian Stelter Donaldson suggested Trump’s base didn’t want a “diverse” country.

Donaldson followed that interview by telling Don Lemon the next day that  “hardcore Trump backers are “ignorant” and don’t care about the facts.”  Columnist Leonard Pitts wrote, “A sense of alarmed displacement among white, Christian America is the soil from which the weed of Trumpism grew.”  Thomas Edsall, in the New York Times, insinuates that Trump voters have a “need for chaos.” He concludes the article with the question, “ “How worried should we be about a fundamental threat to democracy from the apparently large numbers of Americans who embrace chaos as a way of expressing their discontent?”

The Left’s arrogance, condescension and loathing of Trump and his supporters aside, these suggestions for why Trump’s support remains high is ridiculously off the mark. Why do so many remain loyal to the president?

First, it’s about results. The economy is doing better. Despite what Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) asserts in her campaign, the middle class under President Trump is doing better than it did under Presidents Bush and Obama.  Stephen Moore observes, “the median family enjoys its fattest paychecks ever. The middle class not only isn’t shrinking, it’s getting richer.”

This isn’t hard to understand. More people have more opportunity and more money. Trump can also point to a host of conservative judges he’s appointed, strong support of Israel, and full-throated support for law enforcement among so many other notable achievements. These things have been accomplished despite the vile shenanigans of the media and the constant, daily, baseless attacks and inquires propagated by the hate-filled Democrats. Regular people appreciate someone willing to fight for them and to drain the swamp and provide all Americans, regardless of race or religion, better opportunities.

Trump’s support, though, is deeper than results (as important as that is). He connects with regular people in a way that liberals don’t get.  President Trump is a wealthy, successful man. Trump is an east coast businessman who, on the surface, wouldn’t appear to connect with midwestern state voters. Why does he? He is not part of the elite establishment and they hate him.  Even before the inauguration, the elites of both parties have wanted Trump out. The impeachment inquiry is the latest feeble attempt to overturn an election result the elites hate. Trump is the champion of the people who are tired of being told they’re ignorant, racist and deplorable. He vigorously fights for the regular people. Though he might be, at times, crude or harsh, Trump says and tweets common-sense truth that has been missing from the body politic.

David Marcus, earlier this year, took a road trip through middle America and interviewed regular people who voted for President Trump. He summarized his interviews by noting, “More than anything, people in this flyover country — which had smacked Northeastern sensibilities in the mouth by electing Trump — want to be heard.” He continued, “They are tired of the lectures, tired of hearing what’s wrong with them, their towns, their lives — their country. Trump may be a bully and a tycoon from Queens, but they believe he listens, hears and understands.”

President Trump listens and understands. He takes the fight to those who dismiss our views and values. He delivers results for all Americans and is willing and able to bring about much-needed change to Washington. So, why are so many loyal to the president? It has to do with values, results, respect, honor and trust. It’s no wonder the Democrats and the media don’t get it.


Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas lives in Washington, Missouri and is a professor at St. Louis Christian College. He's also on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He's authored two novellas, From the Ashes and The Sixty-First Minute published by White Feather Press of MI and three Bible studies, Surrounded by Grace, The Critical Questions and More and The Road to Victory published by CSS Publishing of OH.