BREAKING: Knife-Weilding Terrorist Shuts Down London Bridge … Shot By Police (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on November 29, 2019

Footage of the struggle leading up to (and including) the gunshot has been posted online… from multiple angles.

We’re still at the point where we have more questions than answers about the events on London Bridge today, but here’s what we know so far.

A single individual with a knife was reportedly attacking people on London Bridge.

There were injuries:

Before police could even arrive on scene, a couple of passers-by knocked the knife out of his hand and wrestled the attacker to the ground, hold him there until authorities arrived.

There was a struggle on the ground. Police arrived on scene shortly thereafter. (These ones were armed.)

The struggle continued, with at least one police officer’s gun trained on the attacker.

Something (we’re not yet clear on what) caused the police officer to fire upon the attacker.

It may have had something to do with the ‘hoax explosive device’ he was wearing.

Here is the footage — from ground level:

And one from a higher vantage point (the upper deck of a bus, it looks like):

And from across the street:

It’s now official. This was a Terrorist. Affiliation/motivation of his terrorist act has not yet been specified.

Officers said the man had been wearing a fake suicide vest and stabbed several people.

Assistant commissioner Neil Basu, the head of UK counterterror policing, said he was shot by armed officers from City of London Police on Friday afternoon.

“I can confirm that this suspect died at the scene,” he added. “Due to reports that the suspect might have had an explosive device specialist officers attended.

“However, I can confirm at this time we believe a device that was strapped to the body of the suspect is a hoax explosive device.

Mr Basu said he would give updates to the families of those injured as soon as possible.

”A number of other people received injuries during this incident. As soon as we can provide further updates on their condition, we will,“ he told the press conference.

“Our heartfelt sympathies go out to everybody who has been involved in this and is anxiously waiting for information on their loved ones.”
Source: Independent

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