Pro-Israel Event Protested With Taunts Of ‘Go Back To The Ovens’ … Is This ‘Hate Speech’?

Written by Wes Walker on November 29, 2019

Pop Quiz: who do you think was spouting this bile. The Alt-Right, or confirmed leftists?

(As though there was any doubt.)

These lovely displays of Hitlerian tolerance were uttered by ‘Students Against Israeli Apartheid’, an activist group solidly on the political left. A chapter of the same group in Alexandria Virginia has any number of “I stand with Ilhan Omar’ photos.

In case their leanings were unclear.

For all the fingerpointing the Left likes to do about the ‘intolerant’ and ‘bigoted’ people on the right, how is it these counterfactual stories keep popping up like whack-a-mole?

And, even less surprising, this incident happened in the leftist ‘utopia’ of Canada.

“I heard a lot of things no Jewish person anywhere should ever have to,” said Gila, a York University student.

She was at last week’s pro-Israel event in Vari Hall on York’s campus when it was disrupted by unruly protesters.

“What I heard was ‘Go back to the ovens’ and ‘Kill the Jews.’ It was disgusting.”

Leora said she heard similar chants.

“I heard ‘Go back to the ovens,’” she said. “At first, one person said it. Then more started saying it.”

All of this, they say, happened at the university-sanctioned Nov. 20 event that saw four former Israeli Defence Forces reservists invited to speak about their experiences by Herut Canada.
Source: Sun

‘Go back in the ovens.’

They’re giving a big thumbs-up to Hitler’s genocide of the Jews.

Stay classy, leftists. Who exactly were they protesting? A group looking to establish dialogue.

It was a Wednesday evening at York University. Students and community members had come out to a modernistic building on York U’s Keele Campus in Toronto to hear the stories of former Israeli soldiers. The volunteers with Reservists on Duty, two women and five men, six Jews and one Arab Christian, were there to conduct a dialogue and answer questions about their experiences in Israel’s battle against terrorism.

Shar Leyb had grown up in Canada before making the decision to move to Israel and serve in the Israel Defense Forces. The ugly scenes that met him at York University was a Canada he did not recognize.

“It’s extremely sad,” he told Front Page Magazine. “In Canada, my home country, people filled with hate and violence were calling for the death of all Jews.”

York U’s Vari Hall had been the scene of some ugly confrontations in the past, but no one had expected 500 BDS and Antifa bigots to show up screaming hatred and attacking Jewish students on campus.

“Before the event, we were setting up and a deaf person could hear the chants,” Shar said. “We went to see and there were a couple of hundred people. Reservists on Duty is all about dialogue, talking to the other side, understanding their concerns and finding common ground. But they didn’t want to speak.
…Amit Deri, the CEO of Reservists on Duty, had expressed concerns about the potential danger at York University even before the event. Posters depicting murderous Israeli soldiers had gone up calling for angry protests. “All out! No Israeli soldiers on our campus!” they had demanded. Another poster had urged protesters to wear black. That’s the color associated with antifa and violent anarchists.

While angry mobs chanted “From Toronto to Gaza, Globalize the Intifada!” in the hall outside, inside the room anti-Israel thugs tried to shout down the speakers. Students were pushed and shoved by BDS bigots waving PLO flags and chanting terrorist slogans determined to shut down the event and prevent the Israeli veterans from being heard.
Source: FrontPage

‘Globalize the Intifada’ is a literal call for bloodshed.

Canada is the place that Leftists keep threatening to ‘flee’ to when elections don’t go their way.

Maybe it’s time they should go ahead and pack their bags, and increase the average intelligence of both countries in the process.

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