Brutal: Texas Woman Killed By A Pack Of These Wild Animals

Written by Wes Walker on November 27, 2019

You wouldn’t wish an ending like this on anybody. One cop called it ‘one of the worst things I’ve ever seen’ in 35 years.

This sort of issue is exactly why hunters keeping down the feral population is so very important. And there’s your first clue to what happened.

A woman who was on her way to provide health care services to an elderly couple never made it to her destination. She was attacked by feral hogs just outside the home where she was to provide care.

Christine Rollins, 59, was attacked early Sunday in the small town of Anahuac, located more than 40 miles east of Houston. Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said Monday that the attack happened around 6 a.m., when it was still dark outside.

When Rollins didn’t enter the home where she worked at the usual time, the 84-year-old woman she cared for went outside and found Rollins in the yard, the sheriff said. She was lying between her own vehicle and the front door of the home, he said.

Deputies arrived to find Rollins dead with multiple injuries. Because there were different sizes of bites on her body, investigators think multiple hogs attacked her, Hawthorne said.

“This is a very rare incident,” the sheriff said, adding that the coroner said Rollins bled to death after the attack by feral hogs.
Source: 10TV

The official cause of her death is ‘exsanguination due to feral hog assault’.

In other words, she bled out. She had fallen, and received an injury to her head.

It is unclear whether she fell as the result of the hogs attacking her, or for some other reason, leaving her vulnerable to the attack.

Attacks like this, though rare, are a reminder of the need for population control of certain feral species. Hogs in Texas are one example.

Hunters, despite the ritual beatings they regularly receive on social media provide a valuable service… and if there were more of them out there dropping feral hogs in that neck of the woods, they might have literally saved a life.

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