Phil Robertson Spills On What He Said To President Trump At Louisiana Rally

Written by Wes Walker on November 27, 2019

Some things are bigger than politics. This is one of them.

The judge-y people won’t ‘get’ it.

But then again, even Jesus had to deal with the religious moralizers of his day, too.

Phil Robertson has a respect for the office of President that transcends his own political agreement or disagreements with the person occupying it.

He spoke frankly when invited by the Obamas (who were gracious to him, and whose kids enjoyed their show) and he speaks frankly to POTUS 45, too.

While Willie Robertson was addressing the crowd… Phil took the opportunity to talk about the big issues to the President.

What did he have to say to Trump?

Here it is, in his own words:

For anyone getting tripped up by Robertson’s reference to ‘king’, you would do well to remember that ‘king’ was that generation’s reference point for what we would now call ‘Head of State’ when the scripture he cited was originally written. He does NOT think Trump is some kind of a ‘king’.

When the person delivering Christ’s message of grace remembers that we ALL need that Grace and forgiveness, you lose that nasty moralizing ‘holier-than-thou’ tone that some many looking at Trump’s known moral missteps tend to bring up.

Could a moral person pull a lever for Trump with their integrity intact? Would Jesus himself vote for Trump? We’re glad you asked. There’s a brand new book that covers precisely that question:

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