CLAIM: Dem Saying ‘This Is Not The Party I Know’ Considering Switching Parties

Written by Wes Walker on November 14, 2019

If the claim is true, the bare-knuckle impeachment tactics are having some unforeseen consequences.

You’d never know it to hear from the loudest Democrats, or watch their policy, but not everybody with a (D) after their name is a rabid anti-Trumper.

Two Democrats even broke with the pack and voted against Pelosi’s ‘impeachment inquiry’, whatever the hell that is supposed to be.

If their gotcha politics were rooted in the rock-solid moral and Constitutional principles Pelosi would claim, you wouldn’t think defections would be a problem.

But Democrats debating defection is exactly the problem we’re hearing rumors about.

As for the comments from the guy who posted this clip (however derisively) a look at the message in his pinned tweet gives all the context about his ‘objectivity’ we could ever need.

Maybe Mr. Blue-check fan-fic news writer can’t figure out that Trump and Kevin McCarthy are actually different people. Or was this just a guilt-by-association swipe? Sure you wanna play that guilt-by-association game in the MeToo era?

But thanks for clipping and posting the statement for us. You saved us the trouble.

The claim has been made. In an environment this charged, with the Left shifting into a reinvention of itself that’s becoming so radical, it is entirely plausible that some more moderate Democrats are joining Democrats of yesteryear in saying that they didn’t leave the party, but the party left them.

Wouldn’t it be a kick in the ass of poetic justice for Pelosi and company if they got so cocky that they alienated some of their own more sensible party members and triggered a wave of defections?

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