Santa Clarita Shooter In Custody, 2 Fatalities, Several Wounded — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on November 14, 2019

And before the dust has even cleared, here come the activists, right on cue.

One of the males in critical condition has since succumbed to his injuries, bringing the total to two. He is reported to have used a 45 caliber pistol in the shootings.
*end update*

In Santa Clarita, California, a school went on lockdown after a school shooting injured several students and resulted in at least one fatality.

It began at 7:30am local time in a community about 30 miles from downtown LA. The shooter was a student. Described by police as male, Asian, and 16 years old.

The school was Saugus High School and the suspected shooter who was initially thought have fled the scene.

He was later apprehended among the injured. Rumors that he had fatally shot himself were dismissed by authorities as unfounded.

Police described him as having pulled out a handgun, shooting five victims and then shooting himself in the head. Obviously, he survived the wound.

The two known threats issued against this school were looked into, and had no connection to this individual.

Saugus High School was a little different than some other schools in that it was not one or two large buildings, but a network of smaller bungalows across a campus, surrounded by a fence. This made defending against this attack and tracking it after the fact all the more difficult.

The latest news on the victims so far — which included both male and female — is as follows:

We know of one female victim who has been killed. She has not yet been publicly identified.

Several other students were shot, and two of them (both male) are reported to be in critical condition.

At this point, there is more we DON’T know than we do know. The weapon used has not yet been reported. Whether it was legally owned or not has not been reported. Whether this student has had any negative history or warning signs has not been reported. A search warrant for the student’s home was issued.

And Meadow’s father was 100% correct. Before many of the students even had a chance to be reunited with their worried families, Democrats started in with the tweets.

Of course, that game can be played both ways:

Do we know what went wrong in this case? No. So any sweeping statement about what the solution might be is ridiculously premature.

But we can say at least SOME things definitively.