CNN Journalisming: Media ‘Watchdog’ Brian Stelter Digs Deep Into President Trump’s SPELLING On Twitter

Written by K. Walker on November 5, 2019

Thank goodness for the Chief Media Watchdog over at CNN! How else would we know that English teachers are horrified with President Trump’s tweets?

Oh, dear, CNN’s Brian Stelter of the most inaccurately named news show, Reliable Sources, is at it again. He is determined to point out to both of his viewers that President Trump is very, very bad for America. He’s decided to do that by keying into the non-issues — the little things that don’t really matter. As Stelter says, “if you can’t get the small stuff right, people worry about the big stuff.”

Agreed. After this segment, I am concerned that Brian Stelter is a family man responsible for other human beings. I wonder how he is able to dress himself in the morning. I am extremely concerned that he might operate a motor vehicle.

But I digress…

Clearly, this must be a medical issue with ol’ Bri. What else could explain the obsession to undermine Trump — even with minutiae — other than Stelter suffering from severe Trump Derangement Syndrome™? The thing is, his case is exhibiting rather peculiar and rare symptoms.

In May 2018, Stelter was obsessed with the location of the First Lady and claimed that she was “missing.” It turns out that she had some minor surgery and was recovering.

Recently, he’s allowed the desiccated husks of Sam Donaldson and Robert De Niro to spout off anti-Trump blather and another guest to compare Trump to Adolf Hitler on his show unchallenged.

But now, Brian has the magic bullet to finally take out President Donald John Trump… his spelling on Twitter.

Oh, yes, he’s got him now! Rep. Adam Schiff’s Impeachment sham is nothing compared to this scandal!

President Trump, who is a proliferate tweeter, has made many spelling mistakes on Twitter. CNN’s “Media Watchdog” says that that is shocking because he makes more mistakes than other (carefully curated) people that Brian has selected to compare him to.

Well, that’s damning.

Really, Brian? Isn’t that why people have been asking for an edit button for years? It seems to be Murphy’s Law that the one rather clever tweet that happens to take off has a spelling mistake in it. Because we’re human without teams of people proofreading and editing our tweets.

Frankly, the fact that the President’s Twitter feed is filled with mistakes makes him seem more authentic. He’s not passing off his Twitter feed to some Social Media Guru, or some editor to curate and sanitize each thought. Yeah, they’re raw and maybe sometimes I wish he didn’t express himself that way, but you know what? I can’t control the President’s words and neither can Brian Stelter.

Surprise, surprise, Stelter doesn’t agree with me on the authenticity aspect.

This isn’t the first time that Stelter zeroed-in on Trump’s tweets — in the summer he said that President Trump’s tweets were making journalists feel “less safe.” Hmmmm… it seems to me that it isn’t journalists that are facing death threats.  

Still, it’s not just Stelter that is trying to weaponize the President’s Twitter use against him, the New York Times, a former newspaper, actually published an article titled, “Trump’s Twitter Presidency: 9 Key Takeaways.”

This is yet another example of the way that Media(D) simply cannot comprehend President Trump. You see… Trump, like Americans with a sense of humor, thinks that this is funny.

Remember the dumbfounded Media(D) on-air “talent” that were scrambling to find a meaning for the word “covfefe” in President Trump’s now-deleted tweet? He thought it was hilarious and followed it up with a tweet reveling in the new word that he had made up — the word that became the name of a champion.

The segment on President Trump’s Twitter spelling went on for 4 and a half minutes on Reliable Sources on Sunday which included an interview with the host of a website that tracks the President’s tweets.

This was aired.

On Cable “News.”

It wasn’t satire.

The lesson that Stelter is trying to get across is that the President Trump needs a proofreader.

This segment shows that Brian Stelter needs a “proofthinker” or perhaps just an editor to smack him on his shiny, flat melon before he makes a fool of himself on television like this… yet again.

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