REMATCH 2020? Dems Are Warming To The Idea Of Bringing Back The Hildebeast

Written by Wes Walker on November 5, 2019

Welcome to 2019, where tragedy and comedy have begun to converge.

How bad is the Democrat’s 2020 field looking right now? Supporters are increasingly looking for a reason to mulligan and start over.

Increasingly, Democrats are warming to the idea of digging through the dusty boxes in their basements to pull out their old ‘I’m with Her’ buttons again.

Because the old Lardy Hagfish did SUCH a great job last time, right? She’s SUCH a wonderful leader that her homebrew private server has led to criminal referrals for a number of unnamed public servants. Or does she not care about those ‘little people’? BREAKING: 38 People Violated Law In Hillary’s Email Probe — Here’s What We Know So Far…

But however crazy the idea might seem to the rest of us, polling shows that Democrats have NOT been willing to rule it out.

Democratic primary voters are “Ready for Hillary,” according to the results of a recent Harvard-Harris national poll which found that twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton would tie for first place with Joe Biden if she were to join the underwhelming field of candidates vying to face Donald Trump in 2020.

The poll is great news for fans of Clinton, who has stubbornly refused to rule out another run for president, and has reportedly expressed a willingness to enter the race if she believed she could win. As longtime Clinton goon Philippe Reines recently said on Fox News, the former first lady “might be the best person” to beat President Trump, despite her inability to do so in 2016.

The Harvard poll also tested voter support for two other potential late-entry candidates in the Democratic primary, former Sen. John Kerry (D., Mass.) and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Of the three, Clinton fared the best with 11 percent support, which was good enough for a first-place tie with Biden, several points ahead of current primary candidates Bernie Sanders (8 percent) and Elizabeth Warren (7 percent). Both Kerry and Bloomberg received 6 percent, an indication that Democratic voters are less than satisfied with the current field of candidates.
Source: FreeBeacon

Is that REALLY your best answer, Democrats?

She hasn’t even figured out yet that she lost the LAST campaign. She figures she can beat him ‘again’ and that the outcome was somehow decided by Russia. Sure, Hillary. Have another belt of wine there while you’re at it.

Some tickets for the Bill and Hillary blame game tour were sold for about the price of a cup of coffee. It was bad.

But she’s the ‘savior’ of the party? Good luck with that. She couldn’t even win her own Primary without cheating.

She gave us three conflicting explanations about her health issues before claiming it was ‘pneumonia’. (Remember how she ‘overheated’ on 9/11 in 70-some-odd degree weather before being thrown a van like a side of beef?)

She literally paid a British Spy to dig up dirt on Trump from Russian contacts (in the Kremlin) so she could kneecap Trump with literal Russian propaganda and secure a political victory.

But Hillary Clinton is their great white hope?

Do you smell something, Clash Reader? Smells like ‘desperation’. Almost exactly a year from now we’ll be voting. A LOT is riding on this election.

It’s time to put the pedal to the floor and take advantage of their disorganization.

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